So ur name is Ann ur a 15-year-old girl you live in Stratford Canada.. u got a lil sister… well 13 years old… soon turning 14…You’re the cheerleader Capitan u play volleyball, soccer, basketball, and everything ur not like the other cheerleaders that are spoiled.. you care about others… u don’t think you are the best.. but ur friends with all the cheerleaders.. And with everyone.. Even though Ur one of the most popular girls Your  best friends are Jessica, Payton, Karis, Lauren, briar, Caitlin and Jennifer   ,the ones you love the most are Jess Caitlin Payton and Briar.

they are cheerleaders too , but they are like you, they care about others, the other aren’t… ur hair is brunette, ur thin, u have a great smile, ur eyes are green, but they change color with ur emotions… ur really pretty, so are ur friends… u have a boyfriend… wich is the football capitan… his name is Seth… he is spoiled… but u kinda love him… ur a BIG BIG BIG fan of Justin Bieber… u and all ur friends love him… ur in 9th grade,  soo lets start the story!..

So ur in P.E class… u guys are playing volleyball… Teacher: Okay.. Ann, Jess, Karis, Edward (random guy) Caitlin and Mike! First team…. Briar, Jennifer, Vivian, Lauren Payton [Yeah Payton Burrows and Caitlin Beadles..!] and Jordan Second one! Lets start!  You: Haha lets go! [Caitlin and u where THE BEAST in volleyball] –in the benches on the gym there was this girl.. Sam… she is unsocial.. she is new tho….- you guys start playing, ur team is winning… but the ball is out of the court.. and once of ur cheerleaders friends was passing right there- You: Sali! Can u pass me the ball please?! Sali: Yeah! –she hit the ball.. but she points to Sam directions… the ball hit her.. really hard… Sali wanted that.. she did purpose.- You: OMG! –u go to Sam… her nose was bleeding are- u okay? Sam: ouch my nose…. You: Sali! U cant do that! Sali: w.e –she goes away- You: ugh.. omg ur nose is bleeding… -u start to feel dizzy… u can’t support the blood.. u faint…- Sam: ouch! Caitin: Oh no.. blood.. –she goes to u- Ann.. u ok?! You: everything spins around… Payton: we need to take them both to nursery… NOW!… –they take u to nursery…then u and Sam are all alone- Nurse: Ann.. u need to lie down… Sam.. u too… You: okay… -she goes and leaves u and Sam alone..- Sam: u okay? You: yeah… and u? Sam: yeah… You: im sorry for what Sali did…. Sam: its ok.. she is a cheerleader right? You: yeah… wait ur new right? Sam: yup… You: welcome to “my” school haha Sam: Hahah… -ur phone rings… and ur ringtone was Baby..- You: hello? [it was ur mum… UM= ur mom] You: hey mom.. UM: hey sweety… we need to talk… when u get home.. You: but today is pretty liars days on Caitlin’s house… UM: umm then can u just come for a moment? You: yeah.. is everything ok? UM: yeah.. bye  You: Bye.. –u hang up- You: my mom haha Sam: lol… do u like Justin Bieber… You: im one of his BIGGEST FANS… Sam: I like him too… You: im meeting him this month.. Sam: same here! You: when? Sam: umm 12 of this month… You: omg same here! [btw it was 5 of December of 2009 ] we could go together.. Sam: yeah! –Caitlin and Payton come to the room- -how would u know Caitlin and Justin already broke up- Caitlin: Heyy ann. How u feeling? You: better… Sam: wait… Caitlin Beades… u where the one who? Caitlin: yeah dated Justin Bieber.. don’t hate on me…. Sam: I wont.. hahah hey im Samii You: haha –Christian Beadles come rushing to the room- Christian: I heard Ann was here! What happened is she ok?! You: yeah im.. Christian: Thanks god!!! –he hugs u- You: Awww [Christian was like ur lil bro] Christian: haha You: School finished… Caitlin: Pretty liars night! Yeah babe! You: yeah.. can u first drop me on my house? My mom got some news… Payton: yeah its ok… You: Okay.. so lets go.. Bye sam.. see ya Sam: see ya.. –so u and all ur best friends where on Payton’s car… ur at ur home..- You: im here mom! Mom: okay.. sweetheart… sit down.. You: who died? UM: no1… but we got some bad news… You: ohh.. UM: u remember our house in Atlanta.. the big one near the beach? You: yeah… UM: okay… we are gonna move there… You: what!? UM: yah.. ur dad got a work on there…  You: But what about my friends?! UM: Im sorry sw You: mom..! UM: we can’t do anything… You: okay… umm.. ill call u later… I need to go… UM: bye.. –u go to Caitlin’s car…- Caitlin: whats wrong Ann? You: ill tell ya girls on the house…  everyone: Okay… -ur there… Christian open the door.. and u just rush upstairs crying… and all the girls follows u- -With Christian- Christian: Ann?! Justin: [justin was there!!!!] huh?! Who’s Ann? Christian: just the most beautiful girl ever… but dammit she is 15 soon turning 16… Justin: hahah… -he see’s a picture of Caitlin and her friends- omfg… its  the one on the middle?! Christian: yup.. Justin: dude!!! She is… -christian stares at him- um sorry… Christian: its ok.. she loves u… ima get her lil siter.. she is cute too… Justin: thanks bro! haha Chritian: excuse me… -he screams the next- Caitlin!!!! Is ann ok? Caitlin: girls moment! Christian: allright… -back to u, in Caitlin’s room- everyone: whats wrong!?You: we… we are gonna move… EVERYONE: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You: yeah! To.. Atlanta… to my house…. [lets say Caitlin don’t lives in Atlanta kay?]everyone: NOOOO!!!!! You: im sorry! Caitlin: we are moving to Marietta Georgia [u will move there] everyone: NOO!!!! You: im so sorry… -everyone was crying..- -back with Christian and Justin- Justin: umm dude.. I gotta go.. ill leave u guys tickets so u can go to my concert today… um how many Caitlin friends are? Christian: thanks! And 6… plus her.. plus me.. plus Ann which is like our sister… Justin: kay.. Christian: is there no problem? Justin: nah….  I want to pass time with u guys.. Christian: haha u wanna meet Ann… Justin: maybe.. Christian: ahahah Justin: a limo will be picking u guys up at 8.. see ya Christian: see ya bro..-back to u girls- You: we are going to move this Friday.. –it was Monday, plus the rest of the week u guys didn’t have school – Lauren: we need to spend every second of this week… You: yeah.. lets do something… today we stay at Caitlin’s house… tomorrow at Jess’s, then at Payton’s  then at Jennifer one and then at mine.. so we can do like a Goodbye Party… okay? Everyone: yeah! –u guys clean urself up- You: lets g down… Caitlin: Christian was having some friend… tho… but anyways lets go –u guys go downstairs… Christian was about to watch a movie- Christian: heyy girls!  You: Christian… u need to know im gonna move.. this Friday.. to Marietta Georgia.. Christian: god! We are gonna move there too..  umm next week tho.. You: yey!.. so what ur watching.. and girl I was thinking that someday u girl could stay at my house… [ohh btw.. when u where little… before meeting ur friends.. u where friends with a guys.. rlly close friend…. But then u changed school.. that friend was Justin.. but u didn’t knew he was… ] Everyone: yeah! Christian: girls.. Justin came over… and he left us concert tickets and backstage passes. For everyone… for this night concert… Caitlin: cool.. Karis: u kidding me?! Lauren: omfg! Briar: Christian! Jennifer: -gasp- Jess: what! You: Christian Jacob Beadles!!! U know I love Justin Bieber.. and he came over… and u don’t tell me!!!!!!!!!!! Or us!!!!!!! Christian: it was ur “girls moment” You: fuck the girl moment!! U could say Justin is here and I would have rush down stairs…! Jess: and make out with him .. *whispers* You: shut up! Hahah Christian: ur gonna see him tonight at 8… You: 8!? It already 7:30 !!! we need to get ready! Christian: *whispers* u don’t need to… ur beautiful.. without getting ready… You: what?.. Christian: nothing.. umm Ann… do u mind if i.. I date ur sister? Everyone: Awwww! You: its ok.. awww. She likes u… haha I better be good with her… Christian: okay go get ready girls.. –the girls go upstairs but u stayed and gave Christian a kiss on the cheek.. he blushed..- -u girls go get ready… u used a strapless yellow top.. some shorts.. u straighten ur hair, and bam! Haha- Everyone: ready!!!! Lauren: omg.. Jess: fuck Jennifer: you Briar: Ann You: what?! Haha Lauren: ur gonna make justi gawk! U look fucking gorgeous! You: haha… everyone of us lookd gorgeous.. everyone: awww.. –u girls go downstairs, it was already 8.. the limo will be here soon- Caitlin: Christian!!!! We are ready!!! Christian:! ann! U look… beautiful! You: aww thanks Chris… -limo is here- Christian: bye mom! Bye dad!!! Everyone: bye Mrs. And Ms. Beadles! –u guys go to the limo.. u guys are gonna be  on first row.. u where so excited!, u guys are already there… everyone was asking who u girls where.. they only recognize Caitlin and Christian… everyone got a bad looking look on u guys,… so u guys where on ur seats… [lets says the concert is like the one on his tour] it start with Love Me… it was freaking amazing lights everywhere… everyone screaming… and there… in the stage.. there was ur dreamed boy… the one u would kill to meet…u and ur friends where screaming haha,- You: this is freaking amazing!!!! –it was like ur dream becoming reality… and going backstage after all this.. and the after party.. omg… it was the time of One Less Lonely Girl.. everyone was screaming… except u, ur dream has already become true… u will let other girls dream come true.. u had ur friends… ur life was awesome.. u saw Justin.. u will actually meet him… and it didn’t care u where moving… it would be selfish if that wasn’t enough for life- Christian: tired of screaming? You: haha yeah… -Justin was looking for his OLLG… every girl near stage was stretching her hand.. except Caitlin… cuz it would look weird… girls where actually crying… screaming: “ME ME ME!!!! JUSTIN!!!!”…. and there he was… infront of ur row… checking every and each of ur friends.. and then he saw u.. sitted there not screaming… talking with Christian.. he did some signal to Christian.. like asking “is that her?” and Christian answered… and there he was INFRONT OF U!… he was staring at u… u didn’t notice.. till Jess who was next to u told u… he stretched his hand to u.. u couldn’t believe it… u stretched ur hand… and he carefully took u on stage… u sit on the chair… and he gives u some flowers… he hugs u many times… he was singing around u and then u tells u to stand up.. and u guys start moving hands… and then he gets ur hand… and get closer to u… really close… he put his hand on ur chin… u blush… but u remembered… u got  boyfriend!! But fuck him! It is JUSTIN BIEBER… he really seemed like he wanted to kiss u.. he could resist.. he was singing and staring at ur lips and eyes… lip and eyes.. lips then eyes… till he hugs u… everyone screams.. u hugged him and he didn’t let go…u smelled his hair and u touched it.. it was so smooth.. it smells so good! Damn!! Then u where getting off stage with the flowers… and he stops u… it was the time of drinking water thought… so he tells u- Justin: don’t go beautiful… You: but… Justin: -gets closer to u… gets ur hand and kiss it- shh.. u will see… You: -u thought u where dreaming…- can u pinch me? –In your mind: stupid stupid stupid me!!!- Justin: hahah yeah.. –he pinch u- You: ouch! Justin: sorry haha.. so ur not dreaming.. You: im glad it doesn’t looks like im dreaming.. Justin: great.. –he kiss ur cheek, u blush like crazy, he winks- You: ur such a flirt… Justin: hahah You: two can play this game .. –u get closer to him… realy close… u could feel his breathe on ur face… he was getting nervous tho.. u did like if u where gonna kiss him and when u where like an inch from his face… u stop..- Justin: ur good.. You: I know.. ???: TIME TO GO ON STAGE!!! Justin: okay!… okay when I do a signal to u… u come on stage okay? You: huh?! Im gonna go on stage? Again? Justin: yeah… You: okay… -he goes on stage…. U where waiting there… nervous.. so u start singing… u where singing overboard… some1 was behind u… it was scooter… then Justin does the signal- Scooter: what that means?! [btw he was singing first dance… ] You: that means I need to go on stage.. –u go on stage… justin takes ur hand.. everyone screams..!!! u where just going with the flow.. dancing.. it was a slow dance.. … he was really close to u.. and when he said “is she out there?!” he pointed to u… u where dreaming!!!!  Then the song finished… this time he took u backstage again..- Justin: wow! You: ahah that was awesome… ???: Time for Down To Earth!! Justin: okay… see ya.. You: okay.. –he starts singing… u see that he is tearing up :/ it makes u sad..the song ends, he goes to backstage crying :/ u cant help but hug him, he hugs back… then ur friends go backstage- Caitlin: wow… You: -break the hug-umm he needed a hug… Everyon: haha Justin: ohh well hha You: um Justin this are my friends, Lauren, Jennifer, Briar,  Karis.. and the two u already know Payton and Caitlin… where is Christian? Caitlin: in the bathroom.. You: ohhh Justin: nice to meet u girls Everyone: -chuckles- Justin: I need to say hi to fans… then we can talk, take pictures and go to eat? Everyone: sure! –so Justin goes to the fans that where waiting for him.. they where looking at u.. – Caitlin: hah I told u he would like Ann.. everyone: we know… You: haha we are just friends! Im not gonna date him… I brely know him… and I don’t want hate… Briar: if u say so haha Lauren: in first dance u guys looked to cute! You: hahaha –hugs u by ur back- Justin: we looked cute? Aww You: -blush- they say so haha –he is still grabing u by ur waist, and looking from ur shoulder.. u got a text, it was a picture.. of ur boyfriend making out with a girl.. u open ur mouth in surprise- Justin: im sorry… You: its ok – he is still hugging  u by ur back.. u call ur boyfriend…- You: umm in not stupid.. neither a toy.. we are over… okay.. don’t even call me back… have fun with her…-u hang up-  Justin: wow.. that’s great.. aren’t u sad..? You: Nah… I never loved him… Caitlin: *cough* she had bieberfever *cough* she loves u *cough* You: shut up! Hahah  Justin: hahaha –he kiss ur cheek- You: -blush- what was that for?! Justin: cant I give a pretty girl a friendly kiss on the cheek? You: I guess its ok… haha Lauren: hugging her by her back  isn’t okay.. she cant see ur face…. Briar: haha You: lolz… Jennifer: even tho u guys look cute like that and fit like a puzzle… she cant see ur face lol Justin: u girls are right haha –he stops hugging u by ur back- You: haha Justin: so girls… wanna go and eat something to McDonalds? Everyone: sure!.. Caitlin: lets wait for  my brother… Christian: im here! Where are we going… Justin: to McDonalds… -u didn’t hear this convo.. u where thinking about Justin… IUM: -in ur mind- omg he kissed me, I was his OLLG… ! we danced!!! Omg!!! Ahh!! Wait.. I cant fall for him.. I barely know him.. im gonna meet him.. first im gonna be his friend…- Christian: why ur blushing Ann? Justin: cuz I kissed her cheek.. Christian: really? Justin: haha yeah.. and  u know the effect I have on girls… -u where still day dreaming- Christian: Ann?! U there?! You: what?! Christian: Justin says u where blushing cuz he kissed ur cheek… You: hahah no.. Christian: I thought u had a boyfriend… You: I just broke up with him.. he cheated on me… u know what I think about players… Christian: right… Justin: haha