“Justin: So lets go?” you where thinking why he was so kind… “Everyone: yeah!” everyone was going to Justin’s bang… except you… you where standing there… day dreaming… then someone grabs your hand.. “Justin: Not coming?” you stared at his brown haze; eyes… “You: Yeah…” You guys go to the bang.. hand in hand…you didn’t care… you love it,  his hand was so soft,… some fans was staring at you guys… “You: they are staring at us… it will bring problems…” Justin seem that he didn’t care… “Justin: its ok… it isn’t like we are doing something wrong…” you think about that… and he is right… you bump into the bang… everyone was talking except you… you where thinking, about Justin… he was all over your mind now… Justin see’s that ur distracted… and put his hand over urs… he was sitting next to you… he smiles… you smile back… everytime he touches you, look at u, or something… you felt chills… It was strange… Justin played with your fingers, it didn’t bother you… and then he whispers in your ear “Justin: what are you thinking?”   you didn’t think about the answer, u just say it, without thinking “You: about you. And how you make me feel.”  You think… OMG how could I say that…! You say “ Im sorry… I didn’t mean to say it…”   he was blushing… “Its ok, im thinking about  you too” he answers, with a grin on his face… you blush and look out of the window. And suddenly he kisses ur cheek, and then your hand. “Lol… “    he was good at flirting… “We are here!” Kenny, Justin’s bodyguard. Everyone  bump out of the car, Justin waited for you, he helps you out of the car “You don’t need to wait for me” you say, hesitant. “I want to” he answers with a smile.. “Aww” you say haha, you guys go in, he sits next to you, and puts an arm around you. “Lauren: So Justin. Did u know that..” you cut her off “Shut up… I will…”  “Lauren: okay…”   “Jess: so Caitlin… did u saw  that Mike likes you?” “Caitlin: what!?!!! No it isn’t! shut up!!!”  “Payton: ohh yeah it is.. he is crazy for you,”  “Jennifer: Just like Edward likes you.”  “Jess: Just like Jhonny likes Briar.” “Briar: Just like Henry likes Lauren” “Lauren: Just like Smith like Karis!” you weren’t really putting attention… you where just staring at Justin’s  eyes. “Christian: ohh you girls hahaha” “Karis: Just like Jake likes Ann.” When Justin hears that he had and amazement look, like a I-cant-believe-look. “What!!!?”  “Oh my god… u knew Smith liked you…” Caitlin says. “Jake…?! The one of hockey team?” “The one and only”  Jennifer says “You gotta say he is pretty hot! And sweet!” Lauren says… “Shut up! Jake doesn’t like me! And even if he did… im not gonna date him.” You say… “Why? Do u like someone else?” Justin says… with a grin on his face.. “Maybe yes… or maybe not…”  “Okay I guess is time to leave Justin and Ann alone…” Caitlin says… “Thanks” you say… they go away… Justin didn’t understand what happened… “Lets go outside” you say getting up.  He follows. You guys get to a a pond … “I need to say something” Justin seemed really happy “Don’t worry” he says getting closer, and he puts his arm on ur waist “I feel the same way…” Just says, and kiss you, u didn’t  expect that… but  you kiss  back.. you thought “gosh…. His lips are so soft… they are perfect, im falling or Justin! Oh m god.. this is so wrong but it feels so right, he is a great kisser, I need to break this, well going with the flow wont harm anyone tho… “ you put ur arms around his neck, bring him closer, and kiss him passionately, he seems to enjoy it, then u feel his tongue slits slowly in ur mouth, so u slit ur tongue in his mouth, slowly, it felt so fucking good, haha then u tried something, u start playing with his tongue, hahah he liked it, cuz he did it too, you both needed to breathe, but u didn’t want to brake the kiss., but u couldn’t resist anymore… u needed air.. and u guys break the kiss.. struggling for breathe “Justin: wow…!” u didn’t find the words to answer. “You: yeah…” Justin stares at u in disappointment… “Justin: didn’t you enjoy it?.. im sorry… im not the best kisser… “ “You: no no it was amazing! But… it was wrong..” “Justin: huh?”  “You: im moving Justin… i.i love you, really, when I saw u, I felt something tha told me u where the one, I can be me with u, its easy to talk to you, sometimes I think u read my mind, when im around you, im so nervous, with every word u said, I want to just smile,  I cant help but fall for you… your so sweet with me, u care about me, when we where on OLLG, it was my dream becoming reality, but… I thought that if I met u it was for some reason… I know u might not trust so many people, cuz they might use you, but not me, im totally in love with you, but I think be should stay just like friends… till… we get to meet each other… better…. And I don’t ant to ruin ur career, fans will hate me, and will stop liking you… I don’t want that! Plus I will move” “Aww, I love you too Ann, for real, I once said… well I always did : I cannot trust everyone, but I believe I will find the right girl who wont be using me, I really believe that, and that one is you, and I get nervous around you too, cuz I like you..” “Really? Aww, but u don’t seem nervous” u guys sit on the grass “Im a singer… they trained me to not show when im nervous, but when I met you. It was like finding the lost part of my Puzzle, I love you Ann, I know we just met, but its like I know since years ago… I can be myself with you, I can be Justin, not Justin Bieber the teen sensation, Ann… [he grabs ur hand and put it on his chest, on his heart] don’t u feel it?” his heart was in perfect synchrony [spelling?] with urs it was amazing, he actually felt the same way… “You do like me” “Yeah I do, really!” “when and where are you moving?” “Marietta Georgia… my mom bought a house right there… and this Friday… in spending the night on Caitlin’s house , and the whole week on my friends house, then they are staying at my for the goodbye party.”  “Great… Cuz im moving to Marietta Georgia too, this Friday, , we can go on the same plane and I will stay with Christian today…” “Everyone is moving to Marietta Georgia?! Hahaha great!!! And u will fly on first class.. my mom wouldn’t pay that…  she don’t like to spoil  me , and that would be great!” “Well then ill pay it for you. And I will move there so I can record my songs easily, and my career would be easy, and okay”  “No I wont let u do that, its too much, and ohh I see “ “C’mon Ann.. I will do it for you… “ “Justin no…” “Ann… I want to! And I will okay?”  “Ugh.. nothing can stop you right? Ur crazy…” “Yeah.. and just for u…”   “Hahaha!, Justin we cant date.. we barely know each other…” Caitlin interrupts “Umm Ann we need to go ” “Okay…” you answer… “Justin: Caitlin can I stay at ur house? With Christian?” “Caitlin: sure…” “Justin: then I might drop Ann there later…” “Caitlin: umm sure… yeah why not… but she will loose Pretty Liars” “You: its ok..” “Caitlin: see ya then… “ they go away.. “You:  so what are we doing?” “Justin: Lets meet each other… tell me about u… u always studied on West High School?” [random name] “You: no.. I use to study on Tiger Woods primary School” “Justin: tell me about it…” so u start talking about ur primary school adventures , u talked about ur friends, and this boy… who was ur best friend… u where so close to him… but when u changed school, I never knew something about him again…”You: sorry.. I talk to much…” “Justin: no no! I love hearing u talk… and I wanna know more about you…” “You: okay haha, then.. I got some pics of him and me… I haven’t see them in ages.. but I always bring them with me…” u show him the pics… when he was watching them all… and then u remember… u saw a pic of Justin when he was little.. It looked like ur friend.. then Justin took his wallet out… and see’ s a picture he got in it… then u realized.. he was the guy! He was him!!! You and justin say this at the same time “You are him! (her)” “Oh my god!” u guys stay quiet for a while…  u had a lot of questions in ur mind… “You: how… ur him… ur dream became reality…” “Justin: yeah… its me… I can’t believe it…” u guys keep remembering things about primary school, good times… u guys where having so much fun… so u and Justin where on the car… “Justin: I think know that we REALLY know each other we can date?” “You: no… Justin… u will need to travel… and knowing that fans.. girl actually will be there screaming for u… crying over u… will make me… sad… we just can… we are perfect as friends… “ “Justin: right..” he had such a sad look on his face… u decided that a kiss wont harm..so u kiss him.. then he had a big grin on his face… then u just stared at him… u started to see how he have changed… when he was little and know… u loved him… his perfect face, his brown hazel eyes with a bit of gold, his perfect hair that looks like it is where he wants to be, his great smile… his Bieber smile which made ur heart melt, his soft and perfect pink lips.. which fit perfect on urs, hi perfect eyebrows.., his perfect body, his perfect nose…., his perfect style, his great personality which make u feel like the only girl in his world… u where falling for him.. and before u knew… u where on Caitlin’s house.. “Justin: we are here.. u ok?” “You: yeah just thinking about things…”  u enter to the house… they where just talking, sitting on the couch “You: Heyy. “ “Caitlin: welcome back…”  “Lauren: so u guys are dating yes or no!” “You: no…” “Justin: we are just friends..” “You: but we discovered something… really interesting..” “Everyone: what?!” “You: u guys remember the guy who I talked about.. the one that was my friend.. it is Justin!” “Everyone: oohhh” “You: yeah we are going in the same flight this Friday…” “Everyone: great!…wanna play truth or dare?” “You and Justin: sure!” u decide to take out ur Iphone… and u log on to twitter… “ You: I just realized… we went to McDonalds… and I didn’t had a big mac…” “Justin: yeah..!” “You: im starving!” “Caitlin:  there is fettuccini alfredo.. ur favorite.. we already ate.. so it left for u two guys.. “You and Justin: Yummy!” so  u guys start eating… it was delicious.. and u decide to tweet… [ur twitter is umm @ItsAnnCookie] “Had a great day… but im moving.. to Marietta Georgia, this is my last week..” “This Friday I have my.. Goodbye party..!” “Guess who was the @Justinbieber OLLG?!” –Justin  was eating and he was using his Ipone too-  “Yeah me! And we danced at “First Dance”!! and I got Backstage passes..!” Then u see ur mentions.. there was one of @Justinbieber “@Justinbieber having fun… today I met a great girl 😉 @ItsAnnCookie” “Wohoo @Justinbieber followed me and tweeted me xD im gonna get a lot of Followers, tweets and hate… wee” “Hahaha, enjoying the food?” u say “Justin: yeah! Its really good, but im also enjoying the tweets hahaha” then u see a new mention “@ItsAnnCookie was my OLLG today, and we dance to First Dance, It was awesome :D!, don’t hate on her” u had a big grin on ur face “Thanks @Justinbieber… hahaa, u got ur moves! “  then  u got a mention of a fan “@ilovejbx @itsAnnCookie don’t u dare to touch my man…!” so u reply her “@ilovejbx sorry.. it isn’t ur man tho.. and we are just friends.. take it or leave it… xxx” “Wooow! 5,000 followers!! Thanks!”  “Okay… lets leave this clear..” “Yeah  I love @Justinbieber… just like ALL of u… so don’t hate on me cuz I had luck..” “today I just realized I met @Justinbieber since primary school so we are old friends!” “Nothing is between us… we are great old friends… just that.. he is single and ready to mingle.. so I am ;)” “[justin tweets] Aww @ItsAnnCookie love you too ann ❤ like a friend… cuz we are that..” that made u kinda sad…. “sooo guess who im taking dinner with? ;D!!” “Justin: haha u do want hate…” “You: hate is love…. In other way :)” “Justin: great… lets do it then hahaha-u guys take a pic together- “Yeah me and @Justinbieber eatin Fettuccini Alfredo.. on @Godsgirl8494 house :)!!” “Bye everyone… gonna play Truth or Dare!!! “ “You: hha fun… “ “Justin: lol” “Christian: u guys gonna play? “You and Justin: yeah!” “Jess: kay… Ann first! Since she is the one who is going…” “You: dammit! Haha!” “Jess: umm thruth or dare?” “You: umm dare..” “Jess: umm I dare u to… make-out with Justin for 5 mins… in-front of us… “ “You: what?” “Justin: good for me tho” “You: damn u Jess! Haha” so u guys stand up…. Justin push u to the wall.. “Everyone: Ohhhh…” “Justin: [whispers] I hope u like this.. cuz I will love it… “ “You: so I am…” he start kissing u, u kiss him back, u loved kissing his soft lips, he puts his arm around ur waist, and u put ur arms around ur waist, then he starts rubbing ur back, and u play with his hair,  then he slits his tongue in ur mouth, so u slit ur tongue in his, and u start playing with it… just like before…. “Everyone: ohh, bite her lip! Bite her lip!!!” it was just 2 mins since u guys start kissing so u let him bite ur lip, it felt good, and u bite his lip too, he was enjoying it, till “????: Get the fuck off my man!!!!”