The Answer o.o

Recap: it was just 2 mins since u guys start kissing so u let him bite ur lip, it felt good, and u bite his lip too, he was enjoying it, till “????: Get the fuck off my man!!!!” [PART 3] u guys break the kiss and u saw a girl.. u didn’t recognize her, u just know that she was rushing to u and she was gonna hit u… but Briar stops her… and the girl punchs Briar on the face… then Lauren, Jess,  Jennifer, Caitlin Karis  and Payton go to her and start fighting… u where just there in the floor, sitting shocked, and u crawl till u get to Briar, she was bleeding, u shocked more… u then go to the wall and lie there, u start to feel dizzy, then u see that Justin and Christian try to stop the fight.. then u recognize the girl.. it was Sali! The one who make Sam bleed, the cheerleader, then she saw u there , and she went to u and kicked u in the stomach… Justin pushed her to the floor and came to u, he puts his hand on ur chin “Ann u ok?” u couldn’t speak.. but u did “Y-Ye-ah… d-d-ont let my friends b-be h-h-urt p-plea-s-e-e” U  weren’t ok.. ur stomach hurted as hell.. and u knew u would faint.. Briar laying in the floor… she wasn’t unconscious.. her nose was broken… and there was more blood… then… Sali was getting out of the house… and he kicked u again…. Not that ur weak but… when u see blood…. U cant do anything but faint…. Then the last thing u saw… that the girls pushed Sali outside… then u could just say “J-jus-t-ti-i-n-n!” and then everything goes black… u could just hear “Annnn!!!!” Then… u woke up… by a sound a “Bep. Bep. Bep” and u feel someone playing with ur fingers.. u knew it was Justin.. u wanted to wake up… but u couldn’t.. it was like that episode of Hannah Montana, where Miley was on the hospital and she was unconscious but she could see herself hears other and everything but they wont hear her.. So yeah like that…. U where Just standing there thinking “Where I am? What happened?” and u saw urself in the bed… and thought “What the fuck?”And there was Justin next to u… playing with ur fingers… playing with ur hair… “Aww” u wanted to be with him so bad… and he start talking to u “Ann.. please babe wake up.. I need u you… u need to wake up please… i-I love you… im diening… I wish we could date.. ur my perfect girl… I cant live without you” U had tears of happiness… u wanted to tell him I love you too so bad…but it was wrong… ugh… then Justin kiss ur cheek… u couldn’t resist… u sat next to him and tol him I love you too… so bad he cant listen to u… then… he is Just staring at u… and he goes close to u and kiss him… and then u felt strange… the machine thingy goes faster and faster and then in a blink of an eye… everything was black again… u couldn’t see anything apparently u where back in ur body… it start hurting… and u felt something in ur lips…. It was Justin still kissing u… it wasn’t a dream… u wanted to kiss him back.. now u could… so u open ur eyes… Justin has his eyes closed.. and u kiss him back and put ur arms in his neck, Justin seemed surprised, hah u could feel that he smiled… and u guys kept on kissing… till u break it struggling for breathe… “Justin: Sorry I thought u where unconsicious…” “You: I was.. kind of.. but I heard everything… and then something… inside me… made me woke up..” Justin blushed.. “Justin: everything? “ “You: yeah… “ he blush.. and look down… “Justin… I-I feel the same way… there is something about u.. that make me go crazy… but we cant date.. u know.. fans.. hate… ruining ur career… u going around the world… fans going crazy with u… I can’t take that… im sorry” “Justin: Ann.. my true fans will never hate me.. they would be happy for me cuz I found my right girl…and how u said “Hate is love… in other way” right? And about going around the world.. umm I remembered u can sing pretty well… maybe u could get signed?”  “Justin that’s too much” even tho u loved the idea “Justin: Ann…” “Anything can be that easy….” “Justin: this is easy… take it Ann… umm think about it… anyways we will stay at Caitlin’s House… ima go get a nurse…”  “Okay..” u start thinking “Dammit… anything can be so easy… something bad might happen I know it!… why I just take that and be happy? Why I need to se every problem on my life?! Ugh… damn this!!! God any signal on what I should do?! Please??? “ and then suddenly u accidentally turn on the TV and there was One Time on  there and you think.. “Weird….. [5 secs] wait!!! That’s the signal?! U mean I need to say yes? “ u change the channel… and there was this commercial that say [random] “You. Yes you watching this… if u got a opportunity in your life… that wont show up again.. take it! Live ur life like there is no tomorrow.. smile!.. have fun!!!… and say Yes!!!! Cuz everything  happen for a reason!”  u think “Well that’s a yes! Haha weird.. but thanks..” Then the Nurse enters the room “Nurse: soo ms. Samuals… u can leave now… just be careful…” “Thanks 🙂 I will try so..” she goes away.. “Justin.. take me out of here… I hate being in hospitals…” “Justin: ur wishes are my command” [Me: aww!] so u guys go back to Caitlin’s house, everyone was their PJ.. “Everyone: Annn!!” They all hug u “I cant breathe!”  “Everyone: Hahaha” “Umm Justin can I talk to u in private? Plz?” “Everyone: Ohhh.” “Justin: -stare at them- sure…” u guys go upstairs…  and to Caitlin’s room… “Justin: soo –he does his Bieber smile and his hair flip that melted u- u want to tell me something?” u where nervous… he came closer to you.. “U-um Y-yeah” you stuttered [spelling?]  you saw that he was getting nervous…  “-u gasp- Ur nervous” “Justin: Yeah.. sorry.. umm something about u makes me be nervous… its good tho…” he takes ur hand and puts in on his chest… u loved that,.. “Justin.. I need to tell u that… I think abut ur purpose about going with u to places… and trying to get signed… and I say yes..” he had the biggest Grin ever “Justin: Yes!!!!!!!” he spins u around… haha…”Lol…” “Justin: what about dating me?..”   u didn’t knew the answer for that yet… “Umm” what are u gonna say? 😀 see on part 4!!!! 🙂