“We will find ur mommy okay?” “???: Shanks you…” [she was a baby.. remember… she speaks strange… ][Justin P.O.V] “Heyy Mom” you see that she is looking for something… “Hey Justin..” “Whats wrong?” “Umm well, Jeremy, had do to something with his wife today, so im taking care of Jazzy..” “Yeah…?” “Well.. I think she is lost…” “WHAT!?” “Yeah.. I was talking to u and she was gone…” “OH MY GOD.. WE NEED TO FIND HER…!” [Back to ur P.O.V (I think u already get it XD)] “Whats ur name sweetheart?” “*crying* Jazzy….” “Well im Ann… nice to meet you Jazzy…” “u sho preaty” “Aww thanks…everything will be ok don’t worry… I will find ur mummy..” “*she kiss ur cheek* *giggles*” “Aww..” “Ima Jazzy Biaber…” “Ohh… ur Jazmyn? Justin lil sis?” “Yesh… my brotha is famous..” “Aww… well I know where Justy is… “ “Really?” “Yeah… Justy is with ur mom… I know where they are..” “Yey… how do u knaw Justy?” “Well im his girlfriend.. *giggles*” u loved saying that hahah. “Rellly?! “ “Yeah..” aww she is so cute!!! Then u see that Justin and Pattie are looking for something like crazy… haha u decide to tease them “Jazzy… there is ur mummy… but don’t say nothing.. I got an idea..” “Okay.. Ann” aww she said my name!!! , so u go near Justin… “Hey babe… did u lost something..” he didn’t look at u “Justin: yeah.. my sister! Help us look for her please?” “Pattie: whos her?” “Justin: just look for Jazzy kay?” u wanted to laugh so bad! “Well I found  what u guys where looking for…” “Pattie: huh?” she turn around and see u carrying Jazmyn “Jazzy: *crying* mum!!!” “Pattie: Jazzy!” now she is carrying her.. “Pattie: u okay?” “Jazzy: Yesh… Ann found me…” “Pattie: Thanks Ann… really” “Anytime ! hahah” she out Jazzy down she goes to u and take ur hand.. “She was in a dark corner crying, and when he told me she was Justin’s sister… I knew where u guys were…” “Pattie: how u knew where we were?” jazzy was pulling ur shirt “Jazzy: Mummy.. she is Justy girlfrand..” “Pattie: sweety every girl in the world says Justin is his boyfriend.” Haha that’s true! Lmfao.. Justin goes closer to u… and put his arm around ur waist.. Pattie was staring at him.. “Justin: No mom.. Ann IS my girlfriend… u know her… remember primary school?  My best friend…?” “Pattie: Oh is it her?! And u guys are dating?”  “Yup.. good too see u again Pattie ;)” “Pattie: im so happy for u guys!!! Glad to see u too Ann..But justin! We are gonna moe this Friday… to Marietta Georgia…” awww lol “Justin: Yeah mom… well this is a great coincidence… Ann’s parents are gonna move there too… her mom got a work on there… we are going on the same plane..” “Pattie: Ohh well good then..” “Hahah..” “Pattie: well have fun guys… im gonna go home with Jazzy… say bye Jazzy..” “Jazzy: aww nuuu!” “We will see again jazzy” “Jazzy: promise?” “Pinky Promise ;)” “Pattie: haha bye guys…” They go away… and u see that Justin was staring at u “What?” “Justin: ur just awesome..” “Pfft I knew it… “ “Justin: Hahah…” he puts hi arm around ur waist.. so u put urs around his…. Then u guys just spend the whole day together… doing things… it was so cute lol… till u got the call Jess… “Hello?” “We are at the movies… coming?” “Ohh yeah.. ill be there in 5… what are we gonna see?” “Ummm  dunno w.e u guys want…” “Okay.. see ya…” u hang up “Justin: who was it?” “Jess.. we need to go to the movie theatre.. “ “Justin: ohh yeah!” when u guys where spending the day on the mall, some people took pictures… but u guys didn’t care.. Justin wasn’t that famous… yet… so there weren’t paparazzi around him… so u guys where there “Lauren: finally! Haha” “Karis: we thought u where gone..” “Hahah… good to see ya girls…” “Caitlin: Hahah…” “Payton: okay.. lets buy the tickets..” “for what movie?” “Jennifer: umm it doesn’t matter ur not going to see the movie anyways…” “Hahah that.. can be true…” “Justin: Hahah.. well yeah haha…” so they where buying the tickets… until… “???:U forget about mens easily… bitch..” in ur mind “I recognize that voice… dammit!” Who is it? 😀 see on part 6!