Paparazzi -.-

[RECAP] “This magazine.. im amazed… we are in the cover… they know EVERYTHING about us… “ u thought that maybe he could get ma cuz of paparazzi following him :/.. [PART 7] “Justin: What!!!?” “Yeah see it” he grabs the magazine… and had a surprised look… then a smile… maybe when he read what fans said he smiled…. “Justin: at least it isn’t a rumor… and aww fans love you..” “Haha yeah… so Paparazzi has been following us… that’s the flash i saw today at the park!” “Justin: Ohh well another cover of us…” “Hahaha… i never thought i would be on a magazine… im a STAR! hahah just kidding… at least is a good picture” “Justin: Hahah, yeah… ur gonna be in many covers when u get to be famous…” “Hahaha.” “Justin: i love u…” “I love u too..” so you guys start drinking the hot chocolate…. so Jazzy too… she was so cute…  then Justin’s phone rings… it was a text… [Justin P.O.V] thinkin: “Oh a text from Usher..: Justin.. i saw that ur dating Ann.. Congartz… u guys are all over all the magazines in town…, i wanted to tell u, that i saw the video of her singing… she is awesome… maybe she could come to me and we could get her signed to Island Def Jam, what do u think? lemme know ur answer….” thinking: “OMG!!! he said YES!!!! wohoo!!! i need to tell ann…” [Back to ur P.O.V] u where playing with Jazzy when Justin told u “Justin: Ann!! Usher said he wants to hear u!!! and maybe u can get Signed to Island Def Jam. he said u where awesome!!” “OMG!!! ARE U KIDDING ME?!” “Justin: No!! omg Ann ur dream is becoming reality..!!!” “Ahhh!!!!!” u carry Jazzy and spin her around while justin answered usher…. the text said “Usher.. thanks man.. ur making Ann’s dream become reality.. and yeah she is AWESOME.. when are u gonna hear her?.. cuz she is moving to Atlanta too.. the same day as me..” [Justin P.O.V] Thinking: answer usher answer!! answer!!!! awww look at Ann with Jazzy.. she is so beautiful..!!! ahh… wait something is vibrating… oh my phone shit!!!! IS FROM USHER!!! “Great.. then the 10 is ok? i can show u guys Atlanta… tell Ann i say Hi! Ohh and guys… dont be too noisy.. please…. good luck…” i text back “Thanks Thanks Thanks…” i just get up run to Ann and spin her around…[Back to ur P.O.V] “Haha Justin!” “Justin: he said yes!!!!” “OMG!!!!”  everyone was staring at u guys… “Justin: lets go outside haha” “Yeah” he pays the chocolate [which u guys already drank] and u guys go runing out of the cafe… “He said yes?!” “Justin: Yes!!! ur meeting him december 10, he is going to show us atlanta, he says ur awesome! he will love u! u will  get signed and u will cme with em to everywhere!!! ur dream is coming true!!” u where speechlest and u just hugged him with tears of Joy “Justin… i love u… how come u do this for me…?” “Justin: i didn’t did this… this time it was u… u and ur awesomeness…” “Justin!!! i love u!!!.” u hug him tight and he hugs u back… u saw paparazzi taking pics.. “Umm Justin.. paparazzi all around us… breathe XD” “Justin: ohh sorry.. *he lets go* oh lets get outta here haha..” Jazzy was grabbing ur shirt and paparazzi where everywhere taking pictures and asking questions one asked “so ur getting signed to Island Def Jam?” Justin just nodded.. and we finally where out of the crowd of paparazzi… we went to Justin’s house to leave Jazzy… she didn’t cried this time… and then u guys meet the girls, when u saw them, u just jumped on them.. u had tears of Joy.. “Caitlin: wow .. what happpened?..” “USHER SAID THAT I CAN SING TO HIM AND IMA GET SIGNED!!!AHH!!!” everyones screams and hugs u “Breathe!” “Everyone: sorry!” “Jess: ur gonna be famous!!!” “AHH!!!” “Payton: dont forget us!” “i would never do that!!…” so u guys just kept talking about this… “Justin: Lets go ice skating?” “Sure”  everyone agrees “Justin: i got a surprise for u over there Ann.. when u get there… u guys where ice-skating, u where the best on that, hah u needed to help Lauren and Briar cuz the didn’t know how to ice-skate, jsutin was pretty good at it, but u where better, then when u guys are just having fun, u feel someone touchs ur shoulder “OMG!” who are they? see on part 8 :)! [this part is called paparazzi cuz well… u guys didn’t knew that while u guys where having fun… paparazzi where following u guys and taking pics…]