Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- Part 5- Mistakes :/

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“We will find ur mommy okay?” “???: Shanks you…” [she was a baby.. remember… she speaks strange… ][Justin P.O.V] “Heyy Mom” you see that she is looking for something… “Hey Justin..” “Whats wrong?” “Umm well, Jeremy, had do to something with his wife today, so im taking care of Jazzy..” “Yeah…?” “Well.. I think she is lost…” “WHAT!?” “Yeah.. I was talking to u and she was gone…” “OH MY GOD.. WE NEED TO FIND HER…!” [Back to ur P.O.V (I think u already get it XD)] “Whats ur name sweetheart?” “*crying* Jazzy….” “Well im Ann… nice to meet you Jazzy…” “u sho preaty” “Aww thanks…everything will be ok don’t worry… I will find ur mummy..” “*she kiss ur cheek* *giggles*” “Aww..” “Ima Jazzy Biaber…” “Ohh… ur Jazmyn? Justin lil sis?” “Yesh… my brotha is famous..” “Aww… well I know where Justy is… “ “Really?” “Yeah… Justy is with ur mom… I know where they are..” “Yey… how do u knaw Justy?” “Well im his girlfriend.. *giggles*” u loved saying that hahah. “Rellly?! “ “Yeah..” aww she is so cute!!! Then u see that Justin and Pattie are looking for something like crazy… haha u decide to tease them “Jazzy… there is ur mummy… but don’t say nothing.. I got an idea..” “Okay.. Ann” aww she said my name!!! , so u go near Justin… “Hey babe… did u lost something..” he didn’t look at u “Justin: yeah.. my sister! Help us look for her please?” “Pattie: whos her?” “Justin: just look for Jazzy kay?” u wanted to laugh so bad! “Well I found  what u guys where looking for…” “Pattie: huh?” she turn around and see u carrying Jazmyn “Jazzy: *crying* mum!!!” “Pattie: Jazzy!” now she is carrying her.. “Pattie: u okay?” “Jazzy: Yesh… Ann found me…” “Pattie: Thanks Ann… really” “Anytime ! hahah” she out Jazzy down she goes to u and take ur hand.. “She was in a dark corner crying, and when he told me she was Justin’s sister… I knew where u guys were…” “Pattie: how u knew where we were?” jazzy was pulling ur shirt “Jazzy: Mummy.. she is Justy girlfrand..” “Pattie: sweety every girl in the world says Justin is his boyfriend.” Haha that’s true! Lmfao.. Justin goes closer to u… and put his arm around ur waist.. Pattie was staring at him.. “Justin: No mom.. Ann IS my girlfriend… u know her… remember primary school?  My best friend…?” “Pattie: Oh is it her?! And u guys are dating?”  “Yup.. good too see u again Pattie ;)” “Pattie: im so happy for u guys!!! Glad to see u too Ann..But justin! We are gonna moe this Friday… to Marietta Georgia…” awww lol “Justin: Yeah mom… well this is a great coincidence… Ann’s parents are gonna move there too… her mom got a work on there… we are going on the same plane..” “Pattie: Ohh well good then..” “Hahah..” “Pattie: well have fun guys… im gonna go home with Jazzy… say bye Jazzy..” “Jazzy: aww nuuu!” “We will see again jazzy” “Jazzy: promise?” “Pinky Promise ;)” “Pattie: haha bye guys…” They go away… and u see that Justin was staring at u “What?” “Justin: ur just awesome..” “Pfft I knew it… “ “Justin: Hahah…” he puts hi arm around ur waist.. so u put urs around his…. Then u guys just spend the whole day together… doing things… it was so cute lol… till u got the call Jess… “Hello?” “We are at the movies… coming?” “Ohh yeah.. ill be there in 5… what are we gonna see?” “Ummm  dunno w.e u guys want…” “Okay.. see ya…” u hang up “Justin: who was it?” “Jess.. we need to go to the movie theatre.. “ “Justin: ohh yeah!” when u guys where spending the day on the mall, some people took pictures… but u guys didn’t care.. Justin wasn’t that famous… yet… so there weren’t paparazzi around him… so u guys where there “Lauren: finally! Haha” “Karis: we thought u where gone..” “Hahah… good to see ya girls…” “Caitlin: Hahah…” “Payton: okay.. lets buy the tickets..” “for what movie?” “Jennifer: umm it doesn’t matter ur not going to see the movie anyways…” “Hahah that.. can be true…” “Justin: Hahah.. well yeah haha…” so they where buying the tickets… until… “???:U forget about mens easily… bitch..” in ur mind “I recognize that voice… dammit!” Who is it? 😀 see on part 6!


Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- Part 4- Yes!!!!!

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Yes :D!

Recap: “Justin: what about dating me?..”   u didn’t knew the answer for that yet… “Umm”  “Justin: what do I need to know to make u see that I mean what I say to you?” u wanted to say Yes so badly…  and u start thinking… “Umm its December 5… soon his concert on here… that’s the 12… soon Christmas… I would die… to be with him on Christimas…” “Okay… lets do a deal… umm im going to Atlanta December 9… so are u… umm ill have my answer that day? Okay… until that day.. don’t ask me to be ur girlfriend.. deal..?” “Justin: No…” oww that hurted… u had a disappointment face… “Justin: don’t get me wrong… I love you… but I don’t ant u to see this like a job or something… u want u to do it by ur own will”… awwww… he was looking down… u put ur hand on his chin and make him look at u.. “I wanna do this…” “Oh and… u cant kiss me until im ur girlfriend..” “Justin: dammit!! Ann! C’mon!!” “Im sorry.. haha”  “Justin: One last kiss?” “Umm kay…” he leans in… and ur lips touch… it was so perfect… it was a fast kiss but it was a kiss… “Lets go down…” “Justin: Kay” u guys go downstairs “Caitlin: Hahah I thought u guys where dead… well its late.. we are gonna watch a movie… wanna join? “Umm sure…” “Justin: Yeah…” so u guys are gonna watch a romantic movie… u sit on the couch… “Christian: u feeling ok Ann?” “yeah…” Justin comes to u with the popcorns and sit next to you “Justin: Here are the popcorns!…”  “Yumm.. oh wait!! Briar are u allright? How ur nose” “Briar: umm its okay… it don’t hurt anymore…” “Pheww…” the movie starts… and Justin puts his arm around u… u put ur head in his shoulder… it was so cute! And then u put ur hand on the popcorn plate.. so does Justin… and urs and his hand touch… and he grabs ur hand… it didn’t bothered u, it felt right.. soon u fall asleep… so does Justin… he was so warm and soft…. U felt like u where on heaven… u had a dream about him… where u said yes of being his girlfriend… and ur life was easier…u guys slept on th couch… the other in the other couch… the others slept on Christian and Caitlin room… Justin was supposed to sleep with Christian but he slept with u… Aww. U where shivering… and u felt that Justin took out his hoodie  and put it on u… and he went closer to u… and kissed ur forehead… and said “I love you..” … u knew he did loved u… but u where scared… fuck ur fears! U decided that tomorrow u where going to tell him that u wanted to be his girlfriend.. [THE NEXT DAY] it was around 10 am… no1 was awake.. everyone fall asleep at like umm 4 am… Caitlin parents weren’t home… and u opened ur eyes… u see that Justin was without his hoodie, u had it on, he had his arm around u, it felt so warm, u didn’t want to wake him up… so u just stayed there… thinking… of how  where u gonna tell Justin that u want to be his girlfriend… then… he starts cuddling with you… is put his head on urs… he was still asleep… u knew it… cuz… of his heavy breathe.. and if he where that close and if he was awake his heart would be beating faster… and then he start talking.. “Ann…” u wondered why he said ur name.. “Ann… i.. love… you… please tell me… u love me back…” Awww… and u whisper.. “I do love u…” and his phone rings… he woke up… he didn’t move of the position he was… he just took his phone out of his pocket.. it was a text… u think “I guess he doesn’t know im next to him lol” he reads the text outloud.. “Justin… remember we need to meet today… for some jobs things… see u today at the mall.. please don’t be annoying… -JasmineV. ….” “Justin: ughh Dammit… I hate her… [he doesn’t hate her tho haha, its just funny ;)] U Clean ur throat… “Justin: ohh god! I forgot u where there…” “*giggle* its ok…” he still don’t move.. so u too “Justin: U heard all that..?” “Yeah…” “Justin: Ohh..” “Why u hate her?.. I thought u kissed her..” “Justin: Yes we did but just for the video… and well she is beautiful, funny, but soo soo spoiled.. she think she is the best [Okay JasmineV. Is pretty cool kay?!] “Ohh” “Justin: in the night u where shivering so I put u my hoodie..” “Aww thanks.. that’s so sweet..” “Heheh anytime babe…” “haha, u said something while u where sleeping..” “Justin: -nervous-  what did I said?” “U said u loved me…” “Justin: ohh –blush-“ “Aww… I love you too.. “ “Justin: u don’t need to feel bad for me… “ “I don’t feel bad for u… umm I need to tell u something..” “Justin: what?… “ “Well… umm…” “Justin: Yeah..?” “Um.. well… I wanted to tell u… that… if u still…. Well if u haven’t change ur mind… I would like.. to… umm. Be ur girlfriend? If u haven’t changed ur mind…” “Justin: Really!? “ “Yeah.. well… I really love you.. so… what do u say… would u be my boyfriend?” “Justin: No.. I asked u first… Ann will u be my girlfriend?” “Hhahah Yes!!!” he kiss you… since he was next to u on the couch…now he was on top of u… u finally said yes! U could kiss him how many times u wanted… cuz he was ur BOYFRIEND… all URS… it felt soo good… u loved him… u put ur arms around his neck… and then u guys heard some coming downstairs… u guys didn’t care.. “Christian: Ohh.. Heyy!.. ohh. Sorry for interrupting…” u guys fall down from the couch in amazement XD “You: Umm its ok..” “Christian: I thought u guys weren’t kissing again till u guys date” “We… wait.. how u know that?” “Christian: umm we kinda heard everything XD” “OHH” “Justin: We are dating.. I just asked her… and she said YES!” “Christian: Congratz!!!” “Justin: Now leave… we where busy…” “Christian: dude is my house XD “ “Justin: dude do u know how much I waited for her… ? do u know how much I was diening [spelling?] to kiss her? Since I was little! Now leave!!! Haahah.” “Christian: okay u won haha” he goes away… “Justin: where were we?” “Umm dunno.. ohh I remember” u guys kiss again… it turn into a makeout session… u guys keep making out for 5 mins… so u guys decided to eat breakfast… just cereal… and then u log on ur twitter [by ur phone] and u tweet “Best day ever! <3” u see that Justin is creepin on twitter xD and he starts tweeting “Umm I was wondering…. Imagine I got a girlfriend… will u guys hate on her? “ everyone start tweeting “Yes…” “Noo” “Noo…” XD and then he tweets “ Why would u guys hate on her?… u guys should be happy that I found the right girl… I mean if I had one…” then one fan tweets “We shouldn’t hate on her… if she makes u happy…” Justin retweets it and say thanks to her… “Okay… Thanks for the love -.-“ and everyone tweets “Sorry we wont hate” her or something like that  …  “Thanks guys 😀 u guys rock!” “If u are really my fans.. u guys would be happy for me… and the ones that wouldn’t care who I date.. Thanks <3” u had a big grin on ur face and  u tweet him.. “@Justinbieber are u trying to tell us something? 😉 xxx” “Justin: Hahaha… wanna do it?” haha first.. u get closer to him.. and u lean in.. and does he… u guys kiss… and u take a pic! “Justin: huh?” “I needed one hahah” “Justin: then kiss me again.. so u can have other one..?” “Nah I will just kiss u…” “Justin: good then” and u guys kiss… “Ohh can I add u on facebook?” “Justin: yeah sure I forgot about that… ahaha. Wait lemme find u… done…!” “Thanks haha” u accept his friend request… u see he got the real Ryan Chaz and other… “Justin: ohh now I remember… when we get to Atlanta I want u to meet Chaz and Ryan..”  “That would be cool! Can I add them on facebook?” “Justin: Sure!…” u add them and they accept it.. then Ryan inbox u: “Hye gorgeous… do I know u? if no… then we need to meet… I see ur Caitlin’s and Christian’s friends 🙂 im Ryan…” hahah “Hey babe… look at what ryan inboxed me XD” ahaha he laughed… [lets says that in that time the facebook had this thing that other people can Join the inbox thingy… remember this is on December 2009] u decided to inbox back “Hey sexy –playfully- umm no we don’t meet.. but we will soon.. and yeah they are my best friends…” Then Christian Chaz and Justin join.. “Ryan answer but to Christian: Christian.. dude!!!! Why u never talked about her!!!!” “Chaz [to Christian]: u wanted to keep it for urself eh..?! “Christian: Hahah dudes! Hey!! And umm Heyy Ann haha… and dudes don’t flirt with her… talking to her by Fb is weird.. she is on my house…” “Ryan: [to Christian] dude ur fucking lucky and why? Is she owned?” “Chaz: [to Christian] DUDE!!!! She have bf?! “You: umm im still here..? “ “Justin this is so funny… ur gonna tell them right?” “Justin: Hahah.. yeah… everyone is gonna know ;).. just wait….” “Ryan: Sorry babe.. 😉 are u owned…?” “Chaz: Sorry hottie 😉 soo u owned?” “You: its ok…” “Justin: Yeah she is… and hey dudes!!!” “Ryan: Hey bro! and really? By who?! Ann u know… u can still cheat on him..” “Chaz: hey bro! by who!!! O.O”  “Justin: hahah… by the only sexy gorgeous flirty  teen sensation beast 😉 Justin Drew Bieber 😉 soo ME! “ “You: Hahah thanks for the offer Ryan xD but Nah… im okay with Justin ;)” “Ryan: DUDEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Chaz: DUDE!!!! REALLY?!!!!!!!”  “Justin: Bye guys! Hahaha ;)”  “Hahah!” “Justin: I love u! “ “Love u too!” then u see u got a relationship request it was from Justin… u accepted it… “Aww” then ALL ur friends commented on that “Time for the hate wee!” “Justin: Hahah” then Justin tweet “I hope u guys are being honest with this….” U tweet him “@Justinbieber why ? buuh? <3” then he tweets “Cuz…. Me and @ItsAnnCookie are officially dating ❤ I hope u guys don’t hate on her… she is awesome.. <3” then u post the picture on twitpic…. U made ur facebook profile pic… ur twitter icon.. so Justin did.. 😉 then everyone commented on the picture… for ur amazement… they weren’t hating… they where all saying like “Aww!” “Best couple ever!” then u guys tweet “Thanks for the lovely comments <3”! “Justin: Ughh.. I need to meet JasmineV… wanna come babe?” “Sure… lets get ready..” u guys take a shower and get dressed…. “umm girls… see ya at Jess house…” “Jess: w\we will go to the mall later… to see a movie.. see u guys there?” “Sure!” so u guys go to the mall… u just kept on staring at Justin and talking to him… then she was there… at the café… she stared at u like she wanted to kill u.. Justin put his arm around ur waist and had a a “Fuck-Off-Bitch” look.. she stop staring at me.. “Justin: Hey Jasmine…” he seemed like he wanted to puke… “Jasmine: Heyy Justin… who’s her… u know this is a private thing… anyone unless ur family and team can come…” “Justin: urgh… first I can bring whoever I want okay…? And she is MY girlfriend… so calm down…” “Jasmine: Ohh for how long? 1 day!?” “Justin: you know… I didn’t ask for u opinion lets finish this… and don’t mess with my girl… “Umm thanks Justin.. but I stand by myself… Umm I don’t know who u think u are… but calm down chicka… kay..? right… “ eww u are starting to hate her… “Jasmine: w.e… lets end this up” “Umm ima get something from starbucks… want something…?  “Justin A latte please babe :)” “Kay…” “Jasmine: I want one too.. thanks…” “Umm I didn’t ask u… go get urs by ur own…. “ “Justin: Hahaha” so u go away.. [Justin Point Of View..] “Sooo” “Jasmine: what a ugly and disgusting girlfriend u have..” “I didn’t ask u and she Is better than u….” “Jasmine: -she gets closer to u- u know u want me…”  “No I don’t.. not don’t get any closer to me..” “Jasmine: urgh shut up!” without knowing.. she kissed u (Justin).. she didn’t let go.. but u pushed her.. and she bump with some1 and that some1 spilt a milk-shake over her.. “Jasmine: UGH!!! JUSTIN DREW BIEBER UR A DICKHEAD!!!!!!” [ur point of view] u saw JASMINE kissing Justin… haha she had milk-shake all over her body.. haha u where laughing ur ass off… then there was a fan, a belieber, next to u, “Hey.. u.. can u do me a favor? Spilt this two coffees over Jasmine Villegas right there? She called Justin a dickhead…” “??: ill do it for my own pleasure…” “Thanks” she goes to her and spilt both coffee over her… haah! “Jasmine: UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM OFF!!!!!!!!!!”   she goes away… and Justin saw that u where there… “Justin: Ann.. It isn’t like it looks like… she kissed me!!! I swear!!!! I would never cheat on u!” “Aww” u run to him jump on him, u spread ur legs over his waist… “I Love You Justin!” and u kiss him… haha then ur down… “Justin: ur so crazy haha.. I love you…” “Hahah 😉 yeah haha.. love u too..” “Justin: aren’t u mad?” “Nah… I saw that she kissed u… haha I love how u are so honest with me” “Justin: Awww..”  “Lets hang out over the mall ;)” “Justin: Sure!” Justin phone rings… it was her mom [Justin P.O.V (point of view)] “Mom?” “Hey sweetheart… Umm Im at the mall… where are u?” “Umm at the mall.. I gotta show u some1…” “Ok…. Umm see u at the plaza…” “Okay…” [Back to ur P.O.V] “Im thirsty…” “Justin: Ummm can u get it by urself please???! Umm I need too see mom.. on the plaza…” “Its ok… 😉 don’t worry babe… see ya on the plaza?” “Justin: Yeah..” he goes… and u go to starbucks… and u get the coffee… then when u where on way to the plaza… by some dark corner… u heard some1 crying…. It heard like a baby… then u go to the corner… and there was she… “Are u okay? Where is ur mummy??” “???: Imm last…” “Do u mean lost?” she nods… “Aww” u put the coffees on the floor and carry her… “We will find ur mommy okay?” “???: Shanks you…” [she was a baby.. remember… she speaks strange… ]

Who’s the lost baby??! See on part 5 😉

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- Part 3- The Answer

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The Answer o.o

Recap: it was just 2 mins since u guys start kissing so u let him bite ur lip, it felt good, and u bite his lip too, he was enjoying it, till “????: Get the fuck off my man!!!!” [PART 3] u guys break the kiss and u saw a girl.. u didn’t recognize her, u just know that she was rushing to u and she was gonna hit u… but Briar stops her… and the girl punchs Briar on the face… then Lauren, Jess,  Jennifer, Caitlin Karis  and Payton go to her and start fighting… u where just there in the floor, sitting shocked, and u crawl till u get to Briar, she was bleeding, u shocked more… u then go to the wall and lie there, u start to feel dizzy, then u see that Justin and Christian try to stop the fight.. then u recognize the girl.. it was Sali! The one who make Sam bleed, the cheerleader, then she saw u there , and she went to u and kicked u in the stomach… Justin pushed her to the floor and came to u, he puts his hand on ur chin “Ann u ok?” u couldn’t speak.. but u did “Y-Ye-ah… d-d-ont let my friends b-be h-h-urt p-plea-s-e-e” U  weren’t ok.. ur stomach hurted as hell.. and u knew u would faint.. Briar laying in the floor… she wasn’t unconscious.. her nose was broken… and there was more blood… then… Sali was getting out of the house… and he kicked u again…. Not that ur weak but… when u see blood…. U cant do anything but faint…. Then the last thing u saw… that the girls pushed Sali outside… then u could just say “J-jus-t-ti-i-n-n!” and then everything goes black… u could just hear “Annnn!!!!” Then… u woke up… by a sound a “Bep. Bep. Bep” and u feel someone playing with ur fingers.. u knew it was Justin.. u wanted to wake up… but u couldn’t.. it was like that episode of Hannah Montana, where Miley was on the hospital and she was unconscious but she could see herself hears other and everything but they wont hear her.. So yeah like that…. U where Just standing there thinking “Where I am? What happened?” and u saw urself in the bed… and thought “What the fuck?”And there was Justin next to u… playing with ur fingers… playing with ur hair… “Aww” u wanted to be with him so bad… and he start talking to u “Ann.. please babe wake up.. I need u you… u need to wake up please… i-I love you… im diening… I wish we could date.. ur my perfect girl… I cant live without you” U had tears of happiness… u wanted to tell him I love you too so bad…but it was wrong… ugh… then Justin kiss ur cheek… u couldn’t resist… u sat next to him and tol him I love you too… so bad he cant listen to u… then… he is Just staring at u… and he goes close to u and kiss him… and then u felt strange… the machine thingy goes faster and faster and then in a blink of an eye… everything was black again… u couldn’t see anything apparently u where back in ur body… it start hurting… and u felt something in ur lips…. It was Justin still kissing u… it wasn’t a dream… u wanted to kiss him back.. now u could… so u open ur eyes… Justin has his eyes closed.. and u kiss him back and put ur arms in his neck, Justin seemed surprised, hah u could feel that he smiled… and u guys kept on kissing… till u break it struggling for breathe… “Justin: Sorry I thought u where unconsicious…” “You: I was.. kind of.. but I heard everything… and then something… inside me… made me woke up..” Justin blushed.. “Justin: everything? “ “You: yeah… “ he blush.. and look down… “Justin… I-I feel the same way… there is something about u.. that make me go crazy… but we cant date.. u know.. fans.. hate… ruining ur career… u going around the world… fans going crazy with u… I can’t take that… im sorry” “Justin: Ann.. my true fans will never hate me.. they would be happy for me cuz I found my right girl…and how u said “Hate is love… in other way” right? And about going around the world.. umm I remembered u can sing pretty well… maybe u could get signed?”  “Justin that’s too much” even tho u loved the idea “Justin: Ann…” “Anything can be that easy….” “Justin: this is easy… take it Ann… umm think about it… anyways we will stay at Caitlin’s House… ima go get a nurse…”  “Okay..” u start thinking “Dammit… anything can be so easy… something bad might happen I know it!… why I just take that and be happy? Why I need to se every problem on my life?! Ugh… damn this!!! God any signal on what I should do?! Please??? “ and then suddenly u accidentally turn on the TV and there was One Time on  there and you think.. “Weird….. [5 secs] wait!!! That’s the signal?! U mean I need to say yes? “ u change the channel… and there was this commercial that say [random] “You. Yes you watching this… if u got a opportunity in your life… that wont show up again.. take it! Live ur life like there is no tomorrow.. smile!.. have fun!!!… and say Yes!!!! Cuz everything  happen for a reason!”  u think “Well that’s a yes! Haha weird.. but thanks..” Then the Nurse enters the room “Nurse: soo ms. Samuals… u can leave now… just be careful…” “Thanks 🙂 I will try so..” she goes away.. “Justin.. take me out of here… I hate being in hospitals…” “Justin: ur wishes are my command” [Me: aww!] so u guys go back to Caitlin’s house, everyone was their PJ.. “Everyone: Annn!!” They all hug u “I cant breathe!”  “Everyone: Hahaha” “Umm Justin can I talk to u in private? Plz?” “Everyone: Ohhh.” “Justin: -stare at them- sure…” u guys go upstairs…  and to Caitlin’s room… “Justin: soo –he does his Bieber smile and his hair flip that melted u- u want to tell me something?” u where nervous… he came closer to you.. “U-um Y-yeah” you stuttered [spelling?]  you saw that he was getting nervous…  “-u gasp- Ur nervous” “Justin: Yeah.. sorry.. umm something about u makes me be nervous… its good tho…” he takes ur hand and puts in on his chest… u loved that,.. “Justin.. I need to tell u that… I think abut ur purpose about going with u to places… and trying to get signed… and I say yes..” he had the biggest Grin ever “Justin: Yes!!!!!!!” he spins u around… haha…”Lol…” “Justin: what about dating me?..”   u didn’t knew the answer for that yet… “Umm” what are u gonna say? 😀 see on part 4!!!! 🙂

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story! – Part 2- Its Him!

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“Justin: So lets go?” you where thinking why he was so kind… “Everyone: yeah!” everyone was going to Justin’s bang… except you… you where standing there… day dreaming… then someone grabs your hand.. “Justin: Not coming?” you stared at his brown haze; eyes… “You: Yeah…” You guys go to the bang.. hand in hand…you didn’t care… you love it,  his hand was so soft,… some fans was staring at you guys… “You: they are staring at us… it will bring problems…” Justin seem that he didn’t care… “Justin: its ok… it isn’t like we are doing something wrong…” you think about that… and he is right… you bump into the bang… everyone was talking except you… you where thinking, about Justin… he was all over your mind now… Justin see’s that ur distracted… and put his hand over urs… he was sitting next to you… he smiles… you smile back… everytime he touches you, look at u, or something… you felt chills… It was strange… Justin played with your fingers, it didn’t bother you… and then he whispers in your ear “Justin: what are you thinking?”   you didn’t think about the answer, u just say it, without thinking “You: about you. And how you make me feel.”  You think… OMG how could I say that…! You say “ Im sorry… I didn’t mean to say it…”   he was blushing… “Its ok, im thinking about  you too” he answers, with a grin on his face… you blush and look out of the window. And suddenly he kisses ur cheek, and then your hand. “Lol… “    he was good at flirting… “We are here!” Kenny, Justin’s bodyguard. Everyone  bump out of the car, Justin waited for you, he helps you out of the car “You don’t need to wait for me” you say, hesitant. “I want to” he answers with a smile.. “Aww” you say haha, you guys go in, he sits next to you, and puts an arm around you. “Lauren: So Justin. Did u know that..” you cut her off “Shut up… I will…”  “Lauren: okay…”   “Jess: so Caitlin… did u saw  that Mike likes you?” “Caitlin: what!?!!! No it isn’t! shut up!!!”  “Payton: ohh yeah it is.. he is crazy for you,”  “Jennifer: Just like Edward likes you.”  “Jess: Just like Jhonny likes Briar.” “Briar: Just like Henry likes Lauren” “Lauren: Just like Smith like Karis!” you weren’t really putting attention… you where just staring at Justin’s  eyes. “Christian: ohh you girls hahaha” “Karis: Just like Jake likes Ann.” When Justin hears that he had and amazement look, like a I-cant-believe-look. “What!!!?”  “Oh my god… u knew Smith liked you…” Caitlin says. “Jake…?! The one of hockey team?” “The one and only”  Jennifer says “You gotta say he is pretty hot! And sweet!” Lauren says… “Shut up! Jake doesn’t like me! And even if he did… im not gonna date him.” You say… “Why? Do u like someone else?” Justin says… with a grin on his face.. “Maybe yes… or maybe not…”  “Okay I guess is time to leave Justin and Ann alone…” Caitlin says… “Thanks” you say… they go away… Justin didn’t understand what happened… “Lets go outside” you say getting up.  He follows. You guys get to a a pond … “I need to say something” Justin seemed really happy “Don’t worry” he says getting closer, and he puts his arm on ur waist “I feel the same way…” Just says, and kiss you, u didn’t  expect that… but  you kiss  back.. you thought “gosh…. His lips are so soft… they are perfect, im falling or Justin! Oh m god.. this is so wrong but it feels so right, he is a great kisser, I need to break this, well going with the flow wont harm anyone tho… “ you put ur arms around his neck, bring him closer, and kiss him passionately, he seems to enjoy it, then u feel his tongue slits slowly in ur mouth, so u slit ur tongue in his mouth, slowly, it felt so fucking good, haha then u tried something, u start playing with his tongue, hahah he liked it, cuz he did it too, you both needed to breathe, but u didn’t want to brake the kiss., but u couldn’t resist anymore… u needed air.. and u guys break the kiss.. struggling for breathe “Justin: wow…!” u didn’t find the words to answer. “You: yeah…” Justin stares at u in disappointment… “Justin: didn’t you enjoy it?.. im sorry… im not the best kisser… “ “You: no no it was amazing! But… it was wrong..” “Justin: huh?”  “You: im moving Justin… i.i love you, really, when I saw u, I felt something tha told me u where the one, I can be me with u, its easy to talk to you, sometimes I think u read my mind, when im around you, im so nervous, with every word u said, I want to just smile,  I cant help but fall for you… your so sweet with me, u care about me, when we where on OLLG, it was my dream becoming reality, but… I thought that if I met u it was for some reason… I know u might not trust so many people, cuz they might use you, but not me, im totally in love with you, but I think be should stay just like friends… till… we get to meet each other… better…. And I don’t ant to ruin ur career, fans will hate me, and will stop liking you… I don’t want that! Plus I will move” “Aww, I love you too Ann, for real, I once said… well I always did : I cannot trust everyone, but I believe I will find the right girl who wont be using me, I really believe that, and that one is you, and I get nervous around you too, cuz I like you..” “Really? Aww, but u don’t seem nervous” u guys sit on the grass “Im a singer… they trained me to not show when im nervous, but when I met you. It was like finding the lost part of my Puzzle, I love you Ann, I know we just met, but its like I know since years ago… I can be myself with you, I can be Justin, not Justin Bieber the teen sensation, Ann… [he grabs ur hand and put it on his chest, on his heart] don’t u feel it?” his heart was in perfect synchrony [spelling?] with urs it was amazing, he actually felt the same way… “You do like me” “Yeah I do, really!” “when and where are you moving?” “Marietta Georgia… my mom bought a house right there… and this Friday… in spending the night on Caitlin’s house , and the whole week on my friends house, then they are staying at my for the goodbye party.”  “Great… Cuz im moving to Marietta Georgia too, this Friday, , we can go on the same plane and I will stay with Christian today…” “Everyone is moving to Marietta Georgia?! Hahaha great!!! And u will fly on first class.. my mom wouldn’t pay that…  she don’t like to spoil  me , and that would be great!” “Well then ill pay it for you. And I will move there so I can record my songs easily, and my career would be easy, and okay”  “No I wont let u do that, its too much, and ohh I see “ “C’mon Ann.. I will do it for you… “ “Justin no…” “Ann… I want to! And I will okay?”  “Ugh.. nothing can stop you right? Ur crazy…” “Yeah.. and just for u…”   “Hahaha!, Justin we cant date.. we barely know each other…” Caitlin interrupts “Umm Ann we need to go ” “Okay…” you answer… “Justin: Caitlin can I stay at ur house? With Christian?” “Caitlin: sure…” “Justin: then I might drop Ann there later…” “Caitlin: umm sure… yeah why not… but she will loose Pretty Liars” “You: its ok..” “Caitlin: see ya then… “ they go away.. “You:  so what are we doing?” “Justin: Lets meet each other… tell me about u… u always studied on West High School?” [random name] “You: no.. I use to study on Tiger Woods primary School” “Justin: tell me about it…” so u start talking about ur primary school adventures , u talked about ur friends, and this boy… who was ur best friend… u where so close to him… but when u changed school, I never knew something about him again…”You: sorry.. I talk to much…” “Justin: no no! I love hearing u talk… and I wanna know more about you…” “You: okay haha, then.. I got some pics of him and me… I haven’t see them in ages.. but I always bring them with me…” u show him the pics… when he was watching them all… and then u remember… u saw a pic of Justin when he was little.. It looked like ur friend.. then Justin took his wallet out… and see’ s a picture he got in it… then u realized.. he was the guy! He was him!!! You and justin say this at the same time “You are him! (her)” “Oh my god!” u guys stay quiet for a while…  u had a lot of questions in ur mind… “You: how… ur him… ur dream became reality…” “Justin: yeah… its me… I can’t believe it…” u guys keep remembering things about primary school, good times… u guys where having so much fun… so u and Justin where on the car… “Justin: I think know that we REALLY know each other we can date?” “You: no… Justin… u will need to travel… and knowing that fans.. girl actually will be there screaming for u… crying over u… will make me… sad… we just can… we are perfect as friends… “ “Justin: right..” he had such a sad look on his face… u decided that a kiss wont harm..so u kiss him.. then he had a big grin on his face… then u just stared at him… u started to see how he have changed… when he was little and know… u loved him… his perfect face, his brown hazel eyes with a bit of gold, his perfect hair that looks like it is where he wants to be, his great smile… his Bieber smile which made ur heart melt, his soft and perfect pink lips.. which fit perfect on urs, hi perfect eyebrows.., his perfect body, his perfect nose…., his perfect style, his great personality which make u feel like the only girl in his world… u where falling for him.. and before u knew… u where on Caitlin’s house.. “Justin: we are here.. u ok?” “You: yeah just thinking about things…”  u enter to the house… they where just talking, sitting on the couch “You: Heyy. “ “Caitlin: welcome back…”  “Lauren: so u guys are dating yes or no!” “You: no…” “Justin: we are just friends..” “You: but we discovered something… really interesting..” “Everyone: what?!” “You: u guys remember the guy who I talked about.. the one that was my friend.. it is Justin!” “Everyone: oohhh” “You: yeah we are going in the same flight this Friday…” “Everyone: great!…wanna play truth or dare?” “You and Justin: sure!” u decide to take out ur Iphone… and u log on to twitter… “ You: I just realized… we went to McDonalds… and I didn’t had a big mac…” “Justin: yeah..!” “You: im starving!” “Caitlin:  there is fettuccini alfredo.. ur favorite.. we already ate.. so it left for u two guys.. “You and Justin: Yummy!” so  u guys start eating… it was delicious.. and u decide to tweet… [ur twitter is umm @ItsAnnCookie] “Had a great day… but im moving.. to Marietta Georgia, this is my last week..” “This Friday I have my.. Goodbye party..!” “Guess who was the @Justinbieber OLLG?!” –Justin  was eating and he was using his Ipone too-  “Yeah me! And we danced at “First Dance”!! and I got Backstage passes..!” Then u see ur mentions.. there was one of @Justinbieber “@Justinbieber having fun… today I met a great girl 😉 @ItsAnnCookie” “Wohoo @Justinbieber followed me and tweeted me xD im gonna get a lot of Followers, tweets and hate… wee” “Hahaha, enjoying the food?” u say “Justin: yeah! Its really good, but im also enjoying the tweets hahaha” then u see a new mention “@ItsAnnCookie was my OLLG today, and we dance to First Dance, It was awesome :D!, don’t hate on her” u had a big grin on ur face “Thanks @Justinbieber… hahaa, u got ur moves! “  then  u got a mention of a fan “@ilovejbx @itsAnnCookie don’t u dare to touch my man…!” so u reply her “@ilovejbx sorry.. it isn’t ur man tho.. and we are just friends.. take it or leave it… xxx” “Wooow! 5,000 followers!! Thanks!”  “Okay… lets leave this clear..” “Yeah  I love @Justinbieber… just like ALL of u… so don’t hate on me cuz I had luck..” “today I just realized I met @Justinbieber since primary school so we are old friends!” “Nothing is between us… we are great old friends… just that.. he is single and ready to mingle.. so I am ;)” “[justin tweets] Aww @ItsAnnCookie love you too ann ❤ like a friend… cuz we are that..” that made u kinda sad…. “sooo guess who im taking dinner with? ;D!!” “Justin: haha u do want hate…” “You: hate is love…. In other way :)” “Justin: great… lets do it then hahaha-u guys take a pic together- “Yeah me and @Justinbieber eatin Fettuccini Alfredo.. on @Godsgirl8494 house :)!!” “Bye everyone… gonna play Truth or Dare!!! “ “You: hha fun… “ “Justin: lol” “Christian: u guys gonna play? “You and Justin: yeah!” “Jess: kay… Ann first! Since she is the one who is going…” “You: dammit! Haha!” “Jess: umm thruth or dare?” “You: umm dare..” “Jess: umm I dare u to… make-out with Justin for 5 mins… in-front of us… “ “You: what?” “Justin: good for me tho” “You: damn u Jess! Haha” so u guys stand up…. Justin push u to the wall.. “Everyone: Ohhhh…” “Justin: [whispers] I hope u like this.. cuz I will love it… “ “You: so I am…” he start kissing u, u kiss him back, u loved kissing his soft lips, he puts his arm around ur waist, and u put ur arms around ur waist, then he starts rubbing ur back, and u play with his hair,  then he slits his tongue in ur mouth, so u slit ur tongue in his, and u start playing with it… just like before…. “Everyone: ohh, bite her lip! Bite her lip!!!” it was just 2 mins since u guys start kissing so u let him bite ur lip, it felt good, and u bite his lip too, he was enjoying it, till “????: Get the fuck off my man!!!!”

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story – Part 1- The Start

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So ur name is Ann ur a 15-year-old girl you live in Stratford Canada.. u got a lil sister… well 13 years old… soon turning 14…You’re the cheerleader Capitan u play volleyball, soccer, basketball, and everything ur not like the other cheerleaders that are spoiled.. you care about others… u don’t think you are the best.. but ur friends with all the cheerleaders.. And with everyone.. Even though Ur one of the most popular girls Your  best friends are Jessica, Payton, Karis, Lauren, briar, Caitlin and Jennifer   ,the ones you love the most are Jess Caitlin Payton and Briar.

they are cheerleaders too , but they are like you, they care about others, the other aren’t… ur hair is brunette, ur thin, u have a great smile, ur eyes are green, but they change color with ur emotions… ur really pretty, so are ur friends… u have a boyfriend… wich is the football capitan… his name is Seth… he is spoiled… but u kinda love him… ur a BIG BIG BIG fan of Justin Bieber… u and all ur friends love him… ur in 9th grade,  soo lets start the story!..

So ur in P.E class… u guys are playing volleyball… Teacher: Okay.. Ann, Jess, Karis, Edward (random guy) Caitlin and Mike! First team…. Briar, Jennifer, Vivian, Lauren Payton [Yeah Payton Burrows and Caitlin Beadles..!] and Jordan Second one! Lets start!  You: Haha lets go! [Caitlin and u where THE BEAST in volleyball] –in the benches on the gym there was this girl.. Sam… she is unsocial.. she is new tho….- you guys start playing, ur team is winning… but the ball is out of the court.. and once of ur cheerleaders friends was passing right there- You: Sali! Can u pass me the ball please?! Sali: Yeah! –she hit the ball.. but she points to Sam directions… the ball hit her.. really hard… Sali wanted that.. she did purpose.- You: OMG! –u go to Sam… her nose was bleeding are- u okay? Sam: ouch my nose…. You: Sali! U cant do that! Sali: w.e –she goes away- You: ugh.. omg ur nose is bleeding… -u start to feel dizzy… u can’t support the blood.. u faint…- Sam: ouch! Caitin: Oh no.. blood.. –she goes to u- Ann.. u ok?! You: everything spins around… Payton: we need to take them both to nursery… NOW!… –they take u to nursery…then u and Sam are all alone- Nurse: Ann.. u need to lie down… Sam.. u too… You: okay… -she goes and leaves u and Sam alone..- Sam: u okay? You: yeah… and u? Sam: yeah… You: im sorry for what Sali did…. Sam: its ok.. she is a cheerleader right? You: yeah… wait ur new right? Sam: yup… You: welcome to “my” school haha Sam: Hahah… -ur phone rings… and ur ringtone was Baby..- You: hello? [it was ur mum… UM= ur mom] You: hey mom.. UM: hey sweety… we need to talk… when u get home.. You: but today is pretty liars days on Caitlin’s house… UM: umm then can u just come for a moment? You: yeah.. is everything ok? UM: yeah.. bye  You: Bye.. –u hang up- You: my mom haha Sam: lol… do u like Justin Bieber… You: im one of his BIGGEST FANS… Sam: I like him too… You: im meeting him this month.. Sam: same here! You: when? Sam: umm 12 of this month… You: omg same here! [btw it was 5 of December of 2009 ] we could go together.. Sam: yeah! –Caitlin and Payton come to the room- -how would u know Caitlin and Justin already broke up- Caitlin: Heyy ann. How u feeling? You: better… Sam: wait… Caitlin Beades… u where the one who? Caitlin: yeah dated Justin Bieber.. don’t hate on me…. Sam: I wont.. hahah hey im Samii You: haha –Christian Beadles come rushing to the room- Christian: I heard Ann was here! What happened is she ok?! You: yeah im.. Christian: Thanks god!!! –he hugs u- You: Awww [Christian was like ur lil bro] Christian: haha You: School finished… Caitlin: Pretty liars night! Yeah babe! You: yeah.. can u first drop me on my house? My mom got some news… Payton: yeah its ok… You: Okay.. so lets go.. Bye sam.. see ya Sam: see ya.. –so u and all ur best friends where on Payton’s car… ur at ur home..- You: im here mom! Mom: okay.. sweetheart… sit down.. You: who died? UM: no1… but we got some bad news… You: ohh.. UM: u remember our house in Atlanta.. the big one near the beach? You: yeah… UM: okay… we are gonna move there… You: what!? UM: yah.. ur dad got a work on there…  You: But what about my friends?! UM: Im sorry sw You: mom..! UM: we can’t do anything… You: okay… umm.. ill call u later… I need to go… UM: bye.. –u go to Caitlin’s car…- Caitlin: whats wrong Ann? You: ill tell ya girls on the house…  everyone: Okay… -ur there… Christian open the door.. and u just rush upstairs crying… and all the girls follows u- -With Christian- Christian: Ann?! Justin: [justin was there!!!!] huh?! Who’s Ann? Christian: just the most beautiful girl ever… but dammit she is 15 soon turning 16… Justin: hahah… -he see’s a picture of Caitlin and her friends- omfg… its  the one on the middle?! Christian: yup.. Justin: dude!!! She is… -christian stares at him- um sorry… Christian: its ok.. she loves u… ima get her lil siter.. she is cute too… Justin: thanks bro! haha Chritian: excuse me… -he screams the next- Caitlin!!!! Is ann ok? Caitlin: girls moment! Christian: allright… -back to u, in Caitlin’s room- everyone: whats wrong!?You: we… we are gonna move… EVERYONE: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You: yeah! To.. Atlanta… to my house…. [lets say Caitlin don’t lives in Atlanta kay?]everyone: NOOOO!!!!! You: im sorry! Caitlin: we are moving to Marietta Georgia [u will move there] everyone: NOO!!!! You: im so sorry… -everyone was crying..- -back with Christian and Justin- Justin: umm dude.. I gotta go.. ill leave u guys tickets so u can go to my concert today… um how many Caitlin friends are? Christian: thanks! And 6… plus her.. plus me.. plus Ann which is like our sister… Justin: kay.. Christian: is there no problem? Justin: nah….  I want to pass time with u guys.. Christian: haha u wanna meet Ann… Justin: maybe.. Christian: ahahah Justin: a limo will be picking u guys up at 8.. see ya Christian: see ya bro..-back to u girls- You: we are going to move this Friday.. –it was Monday, plus the rest of the week u guys didn’t have school – Lauren: we need to spend every second of this week… You: yeah.. lets do something… today we stay at Caitlin’s house… tomorrow at Jess’s, then at Payton’s  then at Jennifer one and then at mine.. so we can do like a Goodbye Party… okay? Everyone: yeah! –u guys clean urself up- You: lets g down… Caitlin: Christian was having some friend… tho… but anyways lets go –u guys go downstairs… Christian was about to watch a movie- Christian: heyy girls!  You: Christian… u need to know im gonna move.. this Friday.. to Marietta Georgia.. Christian: god! We are gonna move there too..  umm next week tho.. You: yey!.. so what ur watching.. and girl I was thinking that someday u girl could stay at my house… [ohh btw.. when u where little… before meeting ur friends.. u where friends with a guys.. rlly close friend…. But then u changed school.. that friend was Justin.. but u didn’t knew he was… ] Everyone: yeah! Christian: girls.. Justin came over… and he left us concert tickets and backstage passes. For everyone… for this night concert… Caitlin: cool.. Karis: u kidding me?! Lauren: omfg! Briar: Christian! Jennifer: -gasp- Jess: what! You: Christian Jacob Beadles!!! U know I love Justin Bieber.. and he came over… and u don’t tell me!!!!!!!!!!! Or us!!!!!!! Christian: it was ur “girls moment” You: fuck the girl moment!! U could say Justin is here and I would have rush down stairs…! Jess: and make out with him .. *whispers* You: shut up! Hahah Christian: ur gonna see him tonight at 8… You: 8!? It already 7:30 !!! we need to get ready! Christian: *whispers* u don’t need to… ur beautiful.. without getting ready… You: what?.. Christian: nothing.. umm Ann… do u mind if i.. I date ur sister? Everyone: Awwww! You: its ok.. awww. She likes u… haha I better be good with her… Christian: okay go get ready girls.. –the girls go upstairs but u stayed and gave Christian a kiss on the cheek.. he blushed..- -u girls go get ready… u used a strapless yellow top.. some shorts.. u straighten ur hair, and bam! Haha- Everyone: ready!!!! Lauren: omg.. Jess: fuck Jennifer: you Briar: Ann You: what?! Haha Lauren: ur gonna make justi gawk! U look fucking gorgeous! You: haha… everyone of us lookd gorgeous.. everyone: awww.. –u girls go downstairs, it was already 8.. the limo will be here soon- Caitlin: Christian!!!! We are ready!!! Christian: o..wow! ann! U look… beautiful! You: aww thanks Chris… -limo is here- Christian: bye mom! Bye dad!!! Everyone: bye Mrs. And Ms. Beadles! –u guys go to the limo.. u guys are gonna be  on first row.. u where so excited!, u guys are already there… everyone was asking who u girls where.. they only recognize Caitlin and Christian… everyone got a bad looking look on u guys,… so u guys where on ur seats… [lets says the concert is like the one on his tour] it start with Love Me… it was freaking amazing lights everywhere… everyone screaming… and there… in the stage.. there was ur dreamed boy… the one u would kill to meet…u and ur friends where screaming haha,- You: this is freaking amazing!!!! –it was like ur dream becoming reality… and going backstage after all this.. and the after party.. omg… it was the time of One Less Lonely Girl.. everyone was screaming… except u, ur dream has already become true… u will let other girls dream come true.. u had ur friends… ur life was awesome.. u saw Justin.. u will actually meet him… and it didn’t care u where moving… it would be selfish if that wasn’t enough for life- Christian: tired of screaming? You: haha yeah… -Justin was looking for his OLLG… every girl near stage was stretching her hand.. except Caitlin… cuz it would look weird… girls where actually crying… screaming: “ME ME ME!!!! JUSTIN!!!!”…. and there he was… infront of ur row… checking every and each of ur friends.. and then he saw u.. sitted there not screaming… talking with Christian.. he did some signal to Christian.. like asking “is that her?” and Christian answered… and there he was INFRONT OF U!… he was staring at u… u didn’t notice.. till Jess who was next to u told u… he stretched his hand to u.. u couldn’t believe it… u stretched ur hand… and he carefully took u on stage… u sit on the chair… and he gives u some flowers… he hugs u many times… he was singing around u and then u tells u to stand up.. and u guys start moving hands… and then he gets ur hand… and get closer to u… really close… he put his hand on ur chin… u blush… but u remembered… u got  boyfriend!! But fuck him! It is JUSTIN BIEBER… he really seemed like he wanted to kiss u.. he could resist.. he was singing and staring at ur lips and eyes… lip and eyes.. lips then eyes… till he hugs u… everyone screams.. u hugged him and he didn’t let go…u smelled his hair and u touched it.. it was so smooth.. it smells so good! Damn!! Then u where getting off stage with the flowers… and he stops u… it was the time of drinking water thought… so he tells u- Justin: don’t go beautiful… You: but… Justin: -gets closer to u… gets ur hand and kiss it- shh.. u will see… You: -u thought u where dreaming…- can u pinch me? –In your mind: stupid stupid stupid me!!!- Justin: hahah yeah.. –he pinch u- You: ouch! Justin: sorry haha.. so ur not dreaming.. You: im glad it doesn’t looks like im dreaming.. Justin: great.. –he kiss ur cheek, u blush like crazy, he winks- You: ur such a flirt… Justin: hahah You: two can play this game .. –u get closer to him… realy close… u could feel his breathe on ur face… he was getting nervous tho.. u did like if u where gonna kiss him and when u where like an inch from his face… u stop..- Justin: ur good.. You: I know.. ???: TIME TO GO ON STAGE!!! Justin: okay!… okay when I do a signal to u… u come on stage okay? You: huh?! Im gonna go on stage? Again? Justin: yeah… You: okay… -he goes on stage…. U where waiting there… nervous.. so u start singing… u where singing overboard… some1 was behind u… it was scooter… then Justin does the signal- Scooter: what that means?! [btw he was singing first dance… ] You: that means I need to go on stage.. –u go on stage… justin takes ur hand.. everyone screams..!!! u where just going with the flow.. dancing.. it was a slow dance.. … he was really close to u.. and when he said “is she out there?!” he pointed to u… u where dreaming!!!!  Then the song finished… this time he took u backstage again..- Justin: wow! You: ahah that was awesome… ???: Time for Down To Earth!! Justin: okay… see ya.. You: okay.. –he starts singing… u see that he is tearing up :/ it makes u sad..the song ends, he goes to backstage crying :/ u cant help but hug him, he hugs back… then ur friends go backstage- Caitlin: wow… You: -break the hug-umm he needed a hug… Everyon: haha Justin: ohh well hha You: um Justin this are my friends, Lauren, Jennifer, Briar,  Karis.. and the two u already know Payton and Caitlin… where is Christian? Caitlin: in the bathroom.. You: ohhh Justin: nice to meet u girls Everyone: -chuckles- Justin: I need to say hi to fans… then we can talk, take pictures and go to eat? Everyone: sure! –so Justin goes to the fans that where waiting for him.. they where looking at u.. – Caitlin: hah I told u he would like Ann.. everyone: we know… You: haha we are just friends! Im not gonna date him… I brely know him… and I don’t want hate… Briar: if u say so haha Lauren: in first dance u guys looked to cute! You: hahaha –hugs u by ur back- Justin: we looked cute? Aww You: -blush- they say so haha –he is still grabing u by ur waist, and looking from ur shoulder.. u got a text, it was a picture.. of ur boyfriend making out with a girl.. u open ur mouth in surprise- Justin: im sorry… You: its ok – he is still hugging  u by ur back.. u call ur boyfriend…- You: umm in not stupid.. neither a toy.. we are over… okay.. don’t even call me back… have fun with her…-u hang up-  Justin: wow.. that’s great.. aren’t u sad..? You: Nah… I never loved him… Caitlin: *cough* she had bieberfever *cough* she loves u *cough* You: shut up! Hahah  Justin: hahaha –he kiss ur cheek- You: -blush- what was that for?! Justin: cant I give a pretty girl a friendly kiss on the cheek? You: I guess its ok… haha Lauren: hugging her by her back  isn’t okay.. she cant see ur face…. Briar: haha You: lolz… Jennifer: even tho u guys look cute like that and fit like a puzzle… she cant see ur face lol Justin: u girls are right haha –he stops hugging u by ur back- You: haha Justin: so girls… wanna go and eat something to McDonalds? Everyone: sure!.. Caitlin: lets wait for  my brother… Christian: im here! Where are we going… Justin: to McDonalds… -u didn’t hear this convo.. u where thinking about Justin… IUM: -in ur mind- omg he kissed me, I was his OLLG… ! we danced!!! Omg!!! Ahh!! Wait.. I cant fall for him.. I barely know him.. im gonna meet him.. first im gonna be his friend…- Christian: why ur blushing Ann? Justin: cuz I kissed her cheek.. Christian: really? Justin: haha yeah.. and  u know the effect I have on girls… -u where still day dreaming- Christian: Ann?! U there?! You: what?! Christian: Justin says u where blushing cuz he kissed ur cheek… You: hahah no.. Christian: I thought u had a boyfriend… You: I just broke up with him.. he cheated on me… u know what I think about players… Christian: right… Justin: haha

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