Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- Part 12- Signed :D

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“Justin: Im sorry, I know the truth, im sorry I didn’t let u explain, I am sorry I didn’t trusted u,  but He was flirting with u and it was just a misunderstood! I love u… but… urgh… im just stupid!!”  [part 12] u didn’t want to look, so u out ur head in the couch.. “Justin: Ann… please… i know i was stupid to think  that u could cheat on me… but… i was shocked… i know u would never cheat on me…. cuz u love me… and i dont deserve u… but… i dont wanna loose you… if u want i can prove it… but i dont want to loose u… for real… u mean everything to me…” u look up… he sits in the couch next to you…. “U hurt me…” “Justin: yeah and im so sorry..!.. for real.. i never wanted to hurt you… but the feeling  of someone else having u… kills me…” “That sounds.. stupid.. but sweet… Justin i dont want anyone to have me.. except u… i can’t live without you… when we are together.. is true that we are nervous… but… that makes my day… seeing ur perfect face, hearing ur angelical laugh, and seeing those perfect brown eyes…”  u guys stare at each others eyes… “Justin: i can’t live without you too… it makes me sick… not… hearing ur voice…. or not seeing you..” “This is pathetic… in a good way… we need each other to live…” “Justin: does that means we are back? or at least ur forgive me..?” “Hahah i obviously forgive you.. and we are obviously back…” he had the biggest grin on his face… he was about to kiss you… when ur phone rings… unknown number… how did some1.. nvm u answer it.. “Hello?” “Cody: Why hello there shawty…wanna go out ..?” u had it on speaker and Justin was hearing it all… he was so mad… “Urgh.. dont u hello there shawty me…. dont even call me Shawty just Justin. MY BOYFRIEND call me like that… u know what… dont even call me. text me, email me, tweet me, talk to me AGAIN!! i fucking hate u Cody Simpson..!!!! and guess what.. Justin and I are  back… and ur not gonna ruin this… forget about ME!!! BYE!!!” u hang up… ahah Justin had a smile in his face… u smile back.. “Justin: I love you” “I love you too..” “Justin: so u got a new phone..?” “Yeah… mom bought it for me… i told her not to.. but she insisted…” “Justin: cool..” u give him ur new number… u thought about calling the girls… so they can have ur number.. but they would call u soon.. and Christian obviously gave them ur number… “Wanna play xbox..? or Wii?” “Justin: since u beat me on Wii… lets play xbox… maybe i could win you..” “Umm maybe…” u guys play, haha u won… he wanted revengue… u let him won this time… “Justin: Damn ur good… tie…” “Hahaha okay… lets go down.. im starving…” u guys go down… there was Pizza waiting for u guys… so u just sit in the couch… ur mom and dad went into a date… so it was just you, Justin and Sara.. u wished… no u prayed that she didn’t come downstairs…. but she was coming downstairs… “urgh…” u look to the tv.. u could tell she got mad… she look for some pizza… and there was none.. “Sara: and my pizza!?” “Sorry there is no pizza for u… Mom said she wont buy u unnecessary things.. and well if u loose dinner one day ur not gonna die.. plus… i love Justin more than u…” “Sara: ANN! UR MY SISTER!!!!” “No.. i told u didn’t want u as a sister… dont u dare to call me a sister… did u thought i was kidding?.. hahah… i wasn’t..” she goes away.. “Dont say nothing Justin… i know that was wrong but…. just like that she can learn..” “Justin: i was gonna say that i know what ur doing… and its right…”

“Usher told me he will call my mom for signing the papers… Im gonna get signed!!!”  “Justin: Yes!!” then ur phone rings… it was from and unknow number…. But… for u now all ur numbers are unknow right! ? since it’s a new phone , but u knew all ur friends number… “Hello?” “Hey Ann..” “Usher?!” “U: yup.. can u and ur mom come tomorrow to sign the papers..?” “Sure! thanks so much, who’s gonna be my manager..?”  “U:u will see..” “Okay.. thanks.. bye..” u hang up.. and jump from the couch and start spinning around “Im gonna get signed!!!” then Justin spins you around.. “Justin: u need to sleep… tomorrow is gonna be a LONG and exciting day… “Yea..” “Justin: Goodnight babe.. see you tomorrow..” he kiss you, then he goes to his house which is just like 2 houses far from urs… u run upstairs… u sit on ur bed… and try to sleep… but…  u where to excited… so u decided to log on twitter by ur phone cuz u where too lazy to turn on the Laptop…. So u tweet [yeah im addicted to this tweet parts on the story ;P] “Today… I had my audition.. with @UsherRaymondIV… tomorrow… im gonna get signed to Island Def Jam! :D!!! Wee so excited..!” “Gonna spent  a lot of time with @Justinbieber… but the first months are always hard…” so u follow some people… answer some fans… and then u tweet “I can’t sleep… “ “Guys.. maybe I will live my dream… but I wont forget… that I was like u guys.. a insignificant fan…” “I promise I wont forget u guys… I will stay down to earth and I hope Ill be there for u guys….” “Yeah… I SWEAR I try to do my best to reply fans and follow them… but im on my phone plus I got A LOT of tweets..”  “someone asked me… if I got facebook… and yeah.. but its personal… maybe u guys can find me… but I wont accept the friendship request… I just accept people I know..” “Im sorry…. But I promise I will do a fan one soon !!!” “Goodnight everyone..” u log off twitter.. and log on facebook… u see that Justin post  picture that u took when u guys where in Stratford… u put it as ur profile pic… then u see ur friendship request…  u add just the people u know… then u put “Got a new Phone :D! inbox me if u wanna know the number…!” u get A LOT of inbox… first u gave it to the girls, then to the other people that asked u.. but there was an inbox… that wasn’t asking for ur number… it was from Cody… “Cody: Babe I love you ;)!”  urgh he just send that. “I hate u… don’t talk to me…. Im gonna block u…” u block him…  u hated him… then u put “[u tag ur friends] guys… talk to u tomorrow… today Im too lazy to log on my laptop.. sorry!!!” then u log off…. But u decide to tweet  something else… “Okay simpsonators… I got some good news for u guys… “ “Me and @TheCodySimpson AREN’T FRIENDS ANYMORE AND WILL NEVER BE!!!” then u got some tweets form cody’s fans saying… “Yeyy!”  “Yeah u girls are happy but.. some news…” “@TheCodySimpson IS A BIG PLAYER!!! HE IS A JERK!! If u don’t believe me ask @iiiLoveMusic37 [Sam] Cody’s EX- GIRLFRIEND!!!” u see that Cody Tweeted u “@ItsAnnCookie Noo!! Ann im sorry!!!!” “@TheCodySimpson I wont ever forgive u..” so u block him and took a pic of it an u put it on twitpic “Description: U see… friends ANYMORE…” then u log off and went sleeping… then u heard ur mom waking u up…. “Im u mom…” u take a shower and get dressed… put some make up, and ur ready…. Justin and the team was already waiting for u guys…u hum into the car.. and u where shaking from excitement…. Then u guys where at the studio… ur mom usher and scooter go into a room and u guys wait at the living room…  u and Justin where sitting in a couch….. “Justin: excited??..” “Yeah… wait I gotta go to the bathroom…” u go to the bathroom… then u look into the mirror … and pinch urself  to see if u weren’t dreaming, so u go out of the bathroom, but while u where going back to the living room, tere was Cody… right now u wished u where sleeping so this nightmare could end… u pass by him making like if u haven’t see him.. but he grabs ur wrist.. “Let go!!!!!!!” he lets go “C: im sorry ann..” “I thought u where signed to Atlantis not to Island Def” “C: I came to see u..” “Now go.. I don’t wanna see u..” u walk away but he push u into the wall… then Justin was there… he hear u saying “Let go” ..” Justin: Get off my girl…” Justin’s punch Cody on the face…. Then u kick him… then u see ur mom getting out of the room… u guys go to her.. “YM: ur signed to Island Def Jam sweety!” u hug her then u hug Usher then u hug Scooter.. “Who’s my manager…”  “Scooter: Ur manager is gonna be my, “right hand”…. Cooper.. he is the best… well no better than me…  “Hey..” “Hey there ms. Samuals..” “haha Oh please call me Ann…” “Scooter: Dude ur gonna love this girl, she is talented, awesome, and a amazing and friendly person..” “Justin: Yeah just like everyone loves her…” “Aww thanks…” u hug Cooper… “Usher: Soo I heard u got some moves Ann.. plus… Just like people consider me as Justin’s mentor… u can consider me as ur mentor too..” “Oh my gosh I got a mentor! Haha, well yeah they say so…” “Justin: they say so..? this girl knows how to move.. she isn’t better than me… but she can move..” u where about to protest but u thought…. He was better dancer than u.. “Okay…. Justin just in this case…. U win me hahaha” everyone laughs… “Usher: then show us ur moves… Usher takes u guys  a stage. There where some dancers practicing… “Usher: guys… come here we will see this girls moves..” they stop dancing and leave the stage for u… u start dancing.. u just go with the flow of the rhythm [spelling?] then Justin comes and dance with u… u guys where just playing hahah, but u guys where dancing pretty good,  u finish.. Everyone was amazed with their mouth open …. Then everyone claps… “Usher: Wow!! Ur good in everything!!!” “Justin: yeah she is haha..” u punch him playfully..”Usher: [presents u the guys that where dancing] Ann this are ur backup dancers..” “WOW!! Backup dancers? Wow!!!” u meet everyone… u guys keep chilling at the studio.. everyone was so friendly.. they liked u…  then it was time to get home [lets skip the part of twitter and facebook xD] okay so days passed by… u started recording ur own song “The Last Goodbye”, u have been working hard, Justin has been helping u, Each day Justin was more famous… so u too.. u had a lot of fans now.. but how u promised them… u haven’t changed at all.. u still notice them… and thank them… now Christmas was close…. Really close… Cooper gave days free, for Christmas… each day u missed ur friends more and more. But u saw them by webcam and everything almost every day…. Caitlin and Christian haven’t move yet… but they will one of these days.. Caitlin decided not to tell u that it was gonna be a surprise :P!  it was the morning of the 23 :D!! CHRISTMAS SOON!!!! Okay till here goes part 12,… im tired… it already 1 am… -.- bye guys thanks for reading xxx


Urs and Justin Love Story- part 11- Start over

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So u fall asleep… crying… Justin was trying to comfort you… Okay so lets start..

[part 11] U where sleeping, u dreamed that your dream was becoming reality, but with your friends with you. Your life was perfect, but then, it turns into a nightmare.

You needed to move, you where in your audition with Usher, u finished it, and him, Scooter and Justin went to talk in private , then someone enters in the room, u could feel that something was gonna happen.. but.. then u hear an angelical voice… saying “Babe wake up… babe” and then u woke up… u guys have landed, u where already in Marietta Georgia.

“Justin: Hey sleepy beauty” “How long did I slept.?” “Justin: umm like  2 hours… and u where smiling.. but then u started to cry…” “Ohh.. right… so we are here..?” “Justin: Yup..” “Okay..” u where still sleepy… so Justin grabbed ur arm, so u didn’t fall down or something haha, u guys get ur luggage [spelling?] then u saw a crowd of screaming girls out there .. with signs.. one said “Jann!  [Justin + Ann, ahaha I don’t like it but I can’t think about something better..] so it said “Jann! We love you!” you said aww… Justin saw it too, and he saw ur expression, so he meet a few fans, sign posters, cd’s, and then he signed the sign that said “Jann” he also took a pic with her. So u did. And he said… “Thanks for the love” then u guys went rushing to the bang, u and Justin where hand in hand, fans where following you guys, and u guys where in the bang, kinda safe, but… fans where everywhere!!!. U guys needed to be careful to not crash a fan, Kenny finally got the car out of the parking lot, u guys needed to distract them so they couldn’t follow u guys or something, so Justin didn’t get a stalker…  while way home… u just kept looking out of the window, or staring at Justin, then u said “Pattie… u don’t need to drop us at the house…” “Pattie: is okay… we got a surprise…” u wondered what was it…u guys drop Ryan and Chaz first.  then u guys where there… but u didn’t knew if it was ur house or Justin’s one.. till ur mom said “We are here hunny..” u where scared to hop out of the car, ur mom was already out there waiting for u…  so u hop out of the car..  u couldn’t believe what u where watching.. it was a a BIG mansion… it was amazing! It was ur dreamed house… and best of all… all ur friends fit there hahaha… “I love it mom…!” u hug her , it was all perfect, the other house where BIG too, by what u watched ur house what the 2 best house on there… even tho ur house seemed like for a real pop star who have worked his/her whole life, and have saved his/her whole life for buying this house… but… u maybe where going to be big thought… but u didn’t deserved this house… how  much money ur mom have spent on this O.O… “Mom: ugh… Ann.. stop thinking about prices… I know u… and ur worried face… it for us…” “Okay..” u hated how she almost all the time knew what u where thinking… the best house on there was a BIG BIG mansion… that was the dreamed house of everyone but ur house was okay, it seemed like the house, that the most rich person in the whole world could have… it was amazing… from ur house it seems like it had a BIG pool, basketball court, tennis court and more…. U decided to stop staring at it.. and stare at ur perfect house… it also had a pool tho.. haha u loved it.. it had a balcony… maybe that’s ur room and then u saw Kenny have stopped the car… everyone was getting out of the car… “Pattie: Justin.. here is our house” It was the BIG BIG mansion!!!! That was their house!!! And he was ur neighbor!!! OMG!!! U just rushed and hugged ur mom, that was ur surprise… Justin was still amazed by his house “Justin: OH MY GOODNESS!” then Justin had a grin on his face when he realized u where her neighbor… then… u realized.. that just Famous, rich people lived on this street… plus fans aren’t allowed…  ahah then u just feel that Justin hugged you.. “YM: time to see the house… and unpack…” “Mom! Unpack..? maybe in the night..?!” “YM: okay…” “Pattie: well I guess Justin wants to see his girlfriend house haha..” “YM: wanna come in pattie?” “Pattie: Yes.. thanks..” then everyone was in your house.. the living room was amazing! Everyone was.. just standing there… “YM: WOW… Ann ur room is upstairs..” u and Justin just rushed upstairs… u open the door scared of what u where gonna see… maybe u could faint haha… u open the door…. And u couldn’t believe it! It was BIG!!!! First.. u had ur bed which was BIG! Everything was purple, pink and all ur favs color, there was the balcony! And this thing u got in the window… u could sit on there… it was like a couch… [ I don’t know whats the name of that] u know ur mom knew u would sit there all the nights and see the stars, play guitar or draw… then there was where ur laptop was gonna be.. the tv, it was that sony t.v, which is 3D, and flat screen!, oh my gosh!, u got those couchs that are like balls, the ones that they use on zoey101 and ICarly, [I don’t know the name] u thought there where too much for just u, there where two doors left.. u thought one of them would be ur wardrobe, but the other one..? u don’t got that much of clothes.. Justin was just sitting in ur bed.. it seemed sooo comfy!. He was amazed of ur room lol, then u decide to open one of the doors, that was ur wardrobe, it was BIG… but u didn’t saw the part for ur shoes… but there was another door on the wardrobe room.. u open it… and there was the space of ur shoes! U thought that was TOTALLY AN EXAGERATION… that whole room filled with converse, high heels, supras, boots and more 😮 wow lol… this house was totally for a super star haha, then u wondered for what the other door was…. Justin then catch u up, he was still more amazed! “Justin: do u got this much clothes and shoes..?!” [ lol haven’t u see Justin shoes..? hahaha! They are A LOT..!] “No… this is an exaggeration, ahah imagine this whole room filled with cool clothes, and this other with converse, high heels, supras, sandals boots and more..?!” “Justin: ahaha wow!!, for what Is that other room…?”  he points behind him.. “Lets see” u opened the door and u couldn’t believe it… u start crying of joyness…  u wher just spinning around.. amazed… and u see that in the door it said “BFFL room!” ur mom thought about EVERYTHING… it was maybe the room that made u happier in the whole house, it was a room, with beds.. for all ur friends… everyone and each of them… then there was another door out there.. that was the wardrobe.. it was so perfect… u just could hug Justin.. u couldn’t believe how all this fit in one room… I told u it was  a BIG room… then u just rush downstairs and hug ur mom really tight “Thanks thanks thanks thanks!!! I love it!!!” “YM: I knew u would…” then u just kept on looking at the house… the Cinema room, the game room, then u went outside… OMFG! U couldn’t believe it!!! “HOLY CRAP!” it was like those pools that appears in teen cribs.. that they have their own waterfall, their own river, and everything… just like that… it was so BIG.! And beautiful… there where hammocks [spelling..?].. the drink place which was decorated with a Hawaiian style… then there was the Tennis court!, a trampoline, u also had a basketball court, it was.. PERFECT… “OMFG… I can be on teen cribs!” “Justin: Hahah! Yeah!” then ur sister gets out with u guys “Sara: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!! ARE WE GOING TO BE ON TEEN CRIBS!?” “ikr!!!” she had tears in her eyes too.. “hahah.. hows ur room..?!” “Sara: don’t worry… I saw urs… ur is better… like always…” ur sister was jealous from u… u didn’t like that… she said u got everything u want.. everything u ask for… but.. u never ask for nothing… they just give it to u…. sometimes u try to regret it… but they don’t let u.. she is the one who ask for everything and they give her everything…. She was kinda spoiled… but… u didn’t hate her.. but u guys didn’t had a good relationship… “Don’t start.. u know I don’t ask for it…” “Sara: w.e that is unfair..” “YM: SARA! U know ur sister is the one who suffered the most.. stop being selfish…! “ “Sara: oh yeah plus she is the star..?” she was also jealous that u where good on almost everything and she wasn’t.. “SARA!! STOP IT!!!!..” “Sara: Make me u little spoled bitch..?!” “Me spoiled? I don’t ask for nothing! Ur the one who ask for everything and they give it to u.. u just cant be satisfied with all u got? Fuck u!!!  u want everything in this world… u can have my fucking room if u want.. u know I could sleep in the living room and I wouldn’t care about it!! So STOP IT!!!.. lets go to ur house Justin.. im done here…” u grabs Justin arms and get out of the house “YM: Ann!!” u didn’t heard her.. u just get out of the house.. and hug Justin and cry.. “Justin: shh…” “what did I do to make her hate me? I hate when she treats me like that… “ “Justin: u didn’t done anything to her.. she is just spoiled…” “Thanks Justin..” “Justin: anytime babe…” “Hahah wanna see ur house? I bet it might be better than mine.. “ “Justin: then it might be heaven.. haha” “hahaha!” well it was actually better than urs… but it had almost the same things… just that the furniture seem to be more expensive… but u loved it.. so did he… obviously it had better things than urs… it seemed like a super popstar house, the most rich person in the whole world house… [Ur Mom P.O.V] “Sara!!! U know Ann isn’t a spoiled girl.. she is a good.. who doesn’t care about anything but her family…” “Sara: ohh yeah then why she is good in everything, have the best room, best friends, popular, Justin.., and ur princess” “WHAT! U KNOW THAT DIDN’T MADE SENSE AT ALL!! ANN DON’T ASK FOR ANYTHING… WE GIVE HER WHAT WE THINK IS BTTER FOR HER…. AND SHE HAVE THE BEST ROOM CUZ SHE DESERVES IT! NOT U!! WHAT DOES BEING GJOOD IN EVERYTHING MAKES U SPOILED..? GOD BLESSED HER WITH TALENTS… AND SHE KNOWS HOW TO USE THEM.. AND SHE HAE SOME1 WHO LOVES HER, CUZ SHE IS SWEET, INTELLIGENT, KIND AND NOT A SPOILED BRAT… PLUS JUSTIN LOVES HER AND HAVE BEEN FRIENDS WITH HER FOR A LOG TIME… NOW GO TO UR ROOM AND UNPACK ALONE!!!” “Sara: but I have a lot of things!” “That’s ur fault for asking everything…” [BACK T UR P.O.V] u spend like 2 or more hours on Justin’s house… “Pattie: Wanna get to meet Marietta.?”  “Justin: sure! wanna come Ann?  .” “Sure.. thanks.. I think I wont go to my house till night..” u guys go into the bang… lucky u that Ry knew Marietta pretty good.. “Pattie: why u wont go to ur house till night Ann?..” “Justin: her sister… insulted her pretty bad…” “Pattie: oh him sorry… why..? but anyways remember never insult back.. unless is needed..” “She is.. kinda spoiled.. who im kidding.. she is really spoiled.. and well she was jealous that my room was bigger and better and that Im supposly good at everything… but I never ask for nothing.. mom gives it to me.. even tho I try to reject it…. I don’t like when my mom spoils me… im already blessed by having my family, being alive, having a great life, having Justin and knowing great people like u guys, but my sister would never understand that… my mom says I was blessed with talent… and that I know how to use that blessing..and don’t worry Pattie.. I didn’t answer back… I just told her to stop it,.. she have always been like that..” “Everyone: aww thanks..” u see that pattie had a “I really like this girl” look..  u knew those looks u had a grin in ur face “Pattie: Aw thanks, that’s pretty good from u… ur such a good girl..” “Thanks.. and anytime, and I try to be.” Then u got a text it was from Justin.. u laughed cuz u got him next to u hahah it said “Mom LOVES u.. REALLY! Ur awesome 😉 but.. I love u the most..” “Haha really? And awww.. well my mom LOVES u so my dad does… but u still love u the most..” he replys “Haha for real! And aww :D! ❤ my dad, sister, brother, mom and whole teams loves u… ur awesome <3” awww! “Lol, well what I can say everyone loves me 😀 haha just kidding, thanks, well my whole family loves u, cuz u make me happy and well cuz… ur perfect haha, ur awesome too <3”  he couldn’t reply back cuz Kenny took u guys to somewhere.. u guys kept on meeting Marietta, some fans saw Justin, and Justin signed things for them, it was a pretty fun/long day, u guys went shopping and everything,  met some places, the park, the lake, and MORE, u guys passed by the beach, it was beautiful, this place wasn’t that bad… u where starting to Love Pattie as ur 2nd Mom, u and Justin’s team became great friends. then u guys go back, it was like 10 pm. Hahah, u enter to ur house… ur mom was just watching TV in the couch.. “Im back….” “YM: welcome back how was the day..” u sit in the couch.. “Funny and long, haha m we did some shopping and get to know Marietta better, I love this place mom.. Thanks.. thanks for the best Home anyone could have… for the best room, for everything..” “YM: ohh haha great, aww hunny no problem… u deserve all this..” “Soo. Sara got my room..? cuz I gotta unpack… and I don’t care at all..” “YM: No.! ur room is UR room… im not gonna spoil her anymore.. Im sorry about what she said to u, u need to know everything was a lie, ur a really good girl who cares about everyone and isn’t spoiled at all…  im not gonna buy Sara more unnecessary things..” “Thanks mom, and yeah that would be great if u would stop spoiling her…  but its up to u..” then u hear Sara come downstairs.. she stares at u and ur bags.. “Sara: so she can go shopping and I need to stay in my room?!” “Is there something to eat mom..? im starving… and Sara… I pay this with my OWN money.. not moms one… and u aren’t in ur room right..” “YM: yeah there is fettuccini Alfredo.. lemme get u some, and u didn’t need to pay all that with ur OWN money.. u could use ur credit card, and Sara! Stop bothering..” “Nah, ima get it by my own, and no mom.. I like getting things by my own.. u know it.. I don’t like when u spoil me..” “YM:aww, why can’t Sara be like u?” “Mom don’t compare Sara to me… she is another person… which have her own characteristic.. plus.. that’s an insult! Aahahha just kidding..” u go to the kitchen and get some food… u wher just eating “YM: Sara.. I wont buy anything to u till u change… I wont spoil u anymore..” “Sara: Im not spoiled!!!” “YM: ur the most spoiled girl that I have ever seen.. and treats her sister like shit.. im not gonna spoil u anymore.. it was a mistake..” “Sara: sp u wont buy me things but u will buy Ann whatever she needs.. or want..?!”  [btw lets just say that ur Ipone don’t work anymore…. It stopped working I the party..  u feel realy bad cuz ur mom bought it for u…] “No.. I will buy my own things with my own money..” “YM: yeah.. but if u don’t got money.. I could buy u things Ann… don’t need to worry…” “Sara: MOM!!! What about not spoiling us…!” “YM: Ann isn’t spoiled at all!” “Mom its okay.. u already wasted a lot of money in this house, my room and everything..” ur dad comes in the kitchen and kiss ur forehead… “Sara: why is she ur princess?! Why do she got better things than me? She got the better laptop.. and Imac! The best room..” “excuse me… I bought my laptop with my own money.. and u can have my room… I don’t care…” “YM: she deserves it.. and she isn’t my princess u just say that cuz u can never be satisfied!! Ann doesn’t need nothing… she knows she is blessed and loved.. but u don’t… Sara u make me really sad.. u never tell me I love you… u don’t love us back… u just ask for things.. and never say thanks,… u never say thanks to god… u don’t love us back.. why..? don’t u know that ur loved..? u think Ann is our princess cuz she is proud of herself, she loves us back, she is always happy with things she have, she knows she is blessed but u?” “Sara: I hate u all!” she runs upstairs.. ur mom start crying… and ur dad comforts her… and u go to Sara rooms.. “Sara: what do u want wanna-be-perfect-girl..?” “Urgh.. okay… u pissed me off…” u push her into the wall “ I DON’T WANNA BE PERFECT… IM JUST HAPPY BY WHO I AM.. IF I DIE KNOW I WOULD DIE HAPPYLY… BUT NOOO U NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING AND UR NOT EVEN HAPPY… UR NEVER FUCKING SATISFIED!!! AND HOW U DARE TO TELL MOM AND DAD THAT U HATE THEM.. OKAY.. U CAN TELL ME THAT CUZ I DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT WHAT U THINK.. BUT MOM!!!! SHE IS UR FUCKING MOTHER..!!!! HE GAVE U THE LIFE!!! SHE GIVES U EVERYTHING U ASK HER!!! SO DAD DOES… HOW U FICKING DARE TO TELL HER THAT AND NEVER TELL HER I LOVE U..?! U MAKE HER SO SAD… UR A DESEPCION… SHE IS DOWN CRYING HER HEART OUT..! CUZ OF U!!!! UR A FUCKING SPOILED JEALUS GIRL… IF U DON’T CHANGE EVERYONE WILL HATE U… AND WORST OF ALL… U ASK FOR THINGS CUZ UR FRIENDS TELL U… THEN U GIVE IT TO THEM… THEY JUST USE U.. AND IF U DOUBT IT.. DID ANY OF UR FRIENDS WENT TO THE PARTY..? TO TH AIRPORT..? SAID BYE TO U?! HAVE TEXTED U? CALLED U? EMAIL U? OR SOMETHING! NOOOO CUZ THEY DON’T LOVE U.. BUT MOM AND DAD DO LOVED U.. BUT UR TOO BUSY THINKING ABOUT URSELF TO SEE THAT!!!! AND YEAH.. DON’T INCLUDE ME IN THAT LIST.. CUZ IM SO SORRY… FOR WHAT IM GONNA SAY.. BUT I DON’T WANT U AS A SISTER… I DON’T LOVE U ANYMORE.. UR NOTHING TO ME… IM JUST HERE TO WARM U… MAYBE I WILL MAKE GOD SAD… BUT I WISH U WEREN’T MY SISTER!! UR JUST INSULTING ME AND MOM AND DAD… THAT ISNT A SISTER!!!… I DON’T LOVE U… AND IF U KEEP LIKE THIS… MOM AND DAD WONT LOVE ANYMORE…!” u push her int the floor and leave the room.. . u went into the living where u mom was crying amazed..  “I know what I just did is wrong… and a lie.. cuz I do love her.. but… maybe that’s just the only way to change her… im sorry..” u go to ur room… and  sit on the bed thinking about what u just done.. but u couldn’t take her anymore.. maybe that is gonna change her… ur mom goes in ur room “YM: Don’t be sorry… its okay wat u did… she needed that.. thanks for sticking up by me… ur the best daughter that I could ask for…. [u knew sara was hearing all this..] “Thanks mom.. and no problem.. I don’t like when she treats u like that… and thanks but im not…” “YM:Don’t worry, and yes u are…. U don’t care about what u have  just want to love us back… that’s the best thing u can do..” “Thanks..” “YM: remember tomorrow ur going to the audition.. “ “Yeah. Haha so excited, can I log on facebook and twitter from my laptop since I don’t have phone anymore..?” “YM: Sure… and hunny I will get u a new IPhone…”  “No.. mom u don’t need to..” “YM: No.. I will… u have done so much for me..” “Ugh.. okay thanks…” so she goes away…. Then u turn on ur laptop, and log on twitter an facebook, first u check twitter… u check Justin twitter first he have tweeted that he moved.. he took a pic of his house.. [lets say u took pics of ALL ur house.. too] he tweeted u sometimes… he tweeted u guys where knowing Marietta, and more things… then u tweeted “Today I moved to Marietta, my house is a dreamed house! Hah :D” u answer some fans “Tomorrow my auditions with @UsherRaymondIV wish me luck..” everyone tweeted that u don’t need it “Aww thanks u guys, but why do I have fans..? im not famous” they tweeted “Cuz ur the best girl that we have met. “ blah blah blah the tweet kept on.. like what ur mom said about u “Thanks!” “don’t got a phone anymore xD but mom is gonna buy me a new one..” “I miss you [all ur friends twitter] already ❤ u guys are gonna love the house” “Gnite everyone… I need to sleep..” u log off… then u check ur fb… u had A LOT of notifications… most of wallpost, everyone have put in ur wall “ I miss you” u answered all of them, also inboxes then u put “Thanks for the “I Miss You” Comments… I love u guys all <3, My house is REALLY BIG… it can be on teen cribs, so is Justin’s one, [u tag all ur friends] u guys are gonna LOVE it..  I miss u guys! <3”  everyone commented and u comment back, then u turn the laptop off… and went to sleep, then  u heard Sara was crying, she was regretting of everything she has done, u knew u don’t needed to go see her, cuz this is what u wanted! To make her change so u just ignore her…. Then u fall asleep… it was the day of the audition.. u jumped out of bed… and went downstair to eat breakfast…. Ur mom was already doing it for u… Sara hasn’t come out from her room..  “Mom u don’t gotta do Breakfast for me…” “YM: I was bored, so I decided to do it.. sorry” “Okay.. did  heard Sara crying yesterday night..?” “YM: yeah.. she is regretting tho… ur plan worked..” “Yeah..  I might go and see her..”  u go to her room and she was just sitting there in her bed… “U ok..?” “Sara: yeah… why would u care… wanna-be-perfect-girl..?” “Urgh.. I thought u changed… cuz we heard u regretting yesterday night…but nevermind u will always be the same spoiled girl.. “ u just leave the room, eat breakfast, and get ready for ur audition… u take a shower, get dressed, do ur hair, put some make up, when u go downstairs Justin was already waiting for u.. “Hey babe” “Hey baby” he kiss u ur mom says goodbye to ur dad, and to be careful with Jess… then u guys where already on way to the studio.. u guys where so excited!!!, u enter to the room.. Usher was there waiting.. so ur mom went to do something, she was going to be back, Just scooter, s and Usher where in the room.. u decide to sing ur own song, u finish and u could tell Usher was amazed, then they went to a room to talk… u put the guitar on its place, and then u feel some1 entered the room… u also felt that some1 else from the one who entered the room was watching u…  u turn around and see Cody Simpson.. “What ur doing here!?” “Cody: don’t be mad at me please… im sorry.” “No… u where flirting with me, u could bring me trouble…  plus u got A FREAKING GIRLFRIEND!!” “Cody: im sorry..” “Ur a player..” “Cody: I know…. Im sorry..” “Okay…” he hugs u.. u decide that a a hug wont harm… but then u felt two person watching u, u could see that cody saw them, before u could watch, Cody pushes u into the wall and kiss u… u couldn’t push him… so u kick him.. then u see some1 storming into the room.. “Justin: HOW COULD U ANN!!! I THOUGHT U DIDN’T LIKED HIM!!” “JUSTIN IT ISNT LIKE IT LOOKS LIKE!!!” before u could explain he goes away.. crying… mad… u didn’t know what to do… u just kick Cody in his parts, then.. Usher.. get into the room “Usher: Okay Ann… u will get signed to Island Def Jam, I will call ur mom so she can come and sign the papers..” “Okay thanks” u wanted to cry so bad.. u didn’t know what to do.. Justin wont let u explain… then ur mom and Pattie picked u.. Justin was waiting outside… with his tears in his eyes.. he didn’t look at u.. so u guys hump in the bang.. he went in the back sit… one backs from urs… u look at him, he ignores u, u whisper “ I know ur mad… but.. u don’t let me explain.. for ur information.. Cody Kissed me.. ask Sam [sam was the one who was watching everything, she was Cody girlfriend.. apparently she moved to Marietta too] she is Cody girlfriend… she saw everything… when he hugged me and pushed me into the wall when he saw u coming. And he kissed me.. but what makes me mad.. is that, the same happened with Jasmine… u cant believe how can u think I can cheat on u, and if u think “U didn’t let me explain too” cuz I saw YOU putting UR hand on her waist… I don’t know why u need to put ur hand on her waist for pushing her… but it doesn’t matter.. but what did I do? I kicked him.. and then on his parts… why?! Cuz I love u.. but u don’t trust me.. good to know it..” from the corner of u eye u saw him looking at u thinking about what u just said.. so u put ur head in ur knee.. and cry… ur mom was too busy to notice u, but it was better like that… then u see from the corner of ur red eye, Justin texting… u could see the name , he was texting Sam.. by his face,, u could know that she told him the truth… u didn’t want to speak.. so u look down.. [Justin P.O.V]  (Sam and urs convo) “What happened between my girlfriend… and ur boyfriend..?” “S: why would u care..? u didn’t believe Ann… soo..?” “I do care! She is my girlfriend I love her..!” “S: so why u didn’t let her explain u..?” “cuz I know I did wrong by not letting her explain… I was just shocked… please tell me… I don’t want to loose her… “ “S: urgh.. okay.. soo…. Cody went to say “Sorry” to her for flirting… Ann was pissed… and more knowing he had a girlfriend.. u know Ann hate players.. and well he hugged her.. cuz Ann forgave him… and then when Cody sa u coming he pushed her into the wall and kissed her..u just saw when he kissed her, but then Ann kicked him, then u came into the room and made the drama scene, then Ann kicked him in his parts, and Usher came into the room… and… if u want to be Ann’s boyfriend… trust more on her… she loves u..” “Fuck… Thanks…” I ruined everything!!! Ho could I think Ann cheated on me!!! IM SO STUPID!!!! [Back to ur P.O.V]  He was about to talk to u.. u guys where at the house… u hump out of the car faster than anyone.. u just rushed to ur room. Crying, u enter to the shoe’s wardrobe…  u see something on the roof… there was a loop hanging there… u pull it… but ur mom enter ur room, so u didn’t pull it “YM: whats wrong?” “don’t wanna talk about it…” “YM: tell me later then.. I just wanted t give u ur new Iphone 3G…” “Thanks mom u didn’t need to..” she gives it to u… u just put it in ur pocket, now she is gone, then u push the loop, and some stairs come out,  u go on it… there was a secret place…. U look at it.. there was a T.V, DVD, stereo, those ball shaped comfy couchs form zoey101,  pic of ur friends, a wii, a xbox, ur mom did this for u… it was ur secret place… so u just sit in one of the six couchs and start to cry…  there was also a little window that let u see ur room, ALL of it… u could hear that Justin entered ur room, u stopped crying, u didn’t want to talk to him.. he is gone… u decide to call Christian… u could call one of the girls.. but Christian was the one who always helped u… “Hello…?” u where still crying…. “Chris..?” lets leave his name as “C” X dim to lazy “C: Ann!?” “Yeah..” “C: why are  u crying…?” “Justin.. “ “ C: WHAT DID HE DO!! TELL ME!!!” “I had my audition today… and when usher scooter and Justin where talking, Cody entered the room, and he saw Justin coming, he pushed me into the wall and kissed me, I kicked him and Justin thought I kissed him! I cant believe he think I could cheat on him!!” “C: Urgh!!!!” u guys kept on talking… .. he make u feel a little better… then u guys finish.. and u go back to crying [Justin P.O.V] where is she!!! How could I do that to her!! Im so stupid!!! –ur phone rings- “Chris hey..” “Don’t Heyy me…! U hurted Ann!!! How could u! how the fuck could u thought she cheated on u!!!! ur a stupid jerk!!!! No1 hurts ANN!!! When I showed u to her again… I told u not to hurt her..!” “Im sorry..  I know the truth now.. dude u know I love her, but cody have been flirting with her.. and u know… urgh… im so sorry!!”  “C: I understand it…  she loves u dude… apologize..”  “I will.. where is she..?” “C: she told me in a a secret place on her house” “Okay thanks… [Back to ur P.O.V] u where just crying ur heart out…. U didn’t realized some1 entered ur room.. cuz u where crying so hard… [Back to Justin P.O.V] I was just following the noise of some1 crying… it came from the roo.. weird… I just followed it, now I was on Ann shoe’s wardrobe, and there was a loop hanging on there , I just pushed it.. and some stairs came out… I rushed in… and there she was… [Back to ur P.O.V] “???: Im sorry” I just look up and there she was, my boyfriend, or ex boyfriend, but there was my dreamed boy the one who I love the most in this world … “Justin: Im sorry, I know the truth, im sorry I didn’t let u explain, I am sorry I didn’t trusted u,  but He was flirting with u and it was just a misunderstood! I love u… but… urgh… im just stupid!!”  u saw that he was being honest…. What are u gonna  answer? 😀 see on part 12

ur house

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- part 10- The Last Goodbye

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“Hey Gorgeous… u know… u can cheat on Justin right?.. in preference with me ;) no joke… i love u… i have always loved u… since we met… think about it? ;) …-Codes… 1-4-3 ”[part 10] you thought ” WTF… who he thinks he is..” u reply “WTF? who the heck do u think u are..?! im NOT gonna cheat on Justin! i love him!!! now shut the fuck up…. ur pissing me off… dont text me again kay…?! ..!” u where pissed off… how could a 13 year old boy could be such a jerk! [Cody Simpson is a really sweet guy okay?.. xD]  then he reply back “Calm down! im sorry..” u didn’t reply… and tried to go back sleeping but u couldnt… then u feel that Justin’s heart start beating faster… he was awake… “Justin: Good morning babe ” he kiss ur forehead… “Goodmorning…” “Justin: why ur mad…?” “Im not mad…” “Justin: i know when ur mad… ive learned it…” “Hahah yeah.. well urgh.. see this” u give him ur phone and he see’s the text.. he had a “WTF” face…. and then he saw ur answer and he had a smile “Justin: that Cody Simpson -.-! ” “Dont worry… i would never cheat on u…” “Justin: aww” he kiss ur lips…. then u remembered… THE MEETING! “Justin: ready for eating lunch with family?” “Urgh.. haha… ima take a shower..” “Justin: Okay… ima go to my house… get ready… the ill come and pick u up…” “Okay.. cya..” u run upstairs and take a shower… it made u forget about Cody.. then u where ready… i got dressed and then… Justin was already there… Hahah, so u just hump in the car.. and u see that a car was behind u.. it was pattie, she waves, 😉 there was Jeremy, her wife, Jazmyn, and Jaxon… and u start to get nervous, then u picked up ur mom, dad and sister… u prayed so they wouldn’t embarrass u… and the meeting went on… lucky you that they didn’t embarrass u.. u where amazed.. they where… normal…. wow… haha… then… the meeting was over.. i had fun ….

Lets say the days passed by, it was still snowing, so lets say it was already friday.. u girls where preparing the things for the party, everything was ready, u guys where just waiting till the people get there…. and then everyone was there… EVERYONE.. THE WHOLE SCHOOL…. everyone was saying to “We will miss you!..” .. actually they where taping recording this for u… they gave u flowers… teddy bears…and alot more… pictures…. etc. it was so sad but at the same time… happy… u where starting to have tears in ur eyes… .. but u decided to dance… then.. everyone when to the cinema room… ur friends got some surprise for u… they put the video… it was when u wrote ur first song.. “The Last Goodbye” [its from Mckenzie Comer.. but lets say u sing it..] it was fir Justin… u where like 11… everyone was like “Awww..” u had tears in ur eyes… 😥  u hug them all… Justin had tears in his eyes too… knowing that that song was for him…. made him cry… then Lauren said “Lauren: ill prefer if Ann sings it… right?” everyone agrees… so u start singing…everyone had tears in their eyes.. : can this be real.? i wont believe is true.. what could be worst than u bestfriend on the move> once u get that plane, thing wont ever be the same. ill miss you everyday, so now i look at u and say… u bring the light to the darkness, u bring the sunshine when it rains, ur perfect in every single way, why can u say? is the last goodbye, oh please dont make me cry, ur gonna fly, so high,that i cant see u, im gonna miss u ill miss u everyday, but right now… Now that ur gone things are not the same who is gonna sing to me to past the time away? u where always there for me and i couldn’t thanks u enough, as tears run down my cheek, im thinking of u, and the stuff we use to do.. [the song goes on]” then EVERYONE hugs u..everyone said bye to u…. even Sam was there…then.. everyone was gone… just u and the crew was in the house.. everyone fall asleep… u where sleeping next to Justin… like always… u wish this wouldn’t end… but u wanted to live ur dream… and then… u just feel that sme1 is waking u up.. it was ur mom… it was the time to go… ur mom have packed everything for u.. Justin was ready already… so u just take a shower… get dressed…. ur friends where gone… u thought that if they saw u leave it would be more difficult.. then u where on way to the airport… u guys where on Justin’s bang… with Justin and the crew [this time the crew was Kenny, ry, scooter, and more] Ryan and Chaz where also going back to Marietta Georgia..when u get to the airport.. there was everyone waiting for u.. with signs saying “We will miss u!” “Dont forget us!” “Dont forget us when u get to be famous!” “Live ur dream” “WE LOVE U!” and more… u started crying… u said thanks to everyone… “I wont forget u guys… really… u guys are the best…!” u said that to ALL of them… and then.. ur plane was already here… u said bye to everyone… u where crying… then.. u where in the plane… it was o first class… ur sit was next to Justin… so u just lie ur head on his shoulder… crying.. he was comforting u… the  next thing u know.. is that u fall asleep.

Urs and Justin Love Story – Part 9-Pillow Fight! :D

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[recap] “Justin: well I showed u… my family.. not all my family but my mom and sister… soon when ima meet ur parents?” OMG what where u gonna tell him..?! “M-my parents..?” “Justin: Yeah… i wanna meet them..” “Oh… umm… dont know… ur gonna meet them at the flight tho… but.. i dont know” “Justin: u dont want me to meet them..?” “Justin u already know my mom… not my dad but my mom… and No.. i mean yes i want u to meet themm..” “Justin: But i haven’t get to know ur parents as ur boyfriend… so no excuse ;)!” “Hahah ur right…” “Justin: Okay.. then maybe tomorrow… we could have lunch with ur family?” “Umm lemme ask……” u where worried.. cuz ur mom.. dad..and sister.. with Justin… NOTA GOOD IDEA… but…. he needed to meet them.. at least ur dad.. so u call ur mom “Hey mom..” “YM: Heyy whats wrong..? u okay..?” “Yeah im perfect.. im at Lauren house… i was wondering… if tomorrow.. we could go eat lunch with my boyfriend..?” “YM; seth..? and sure..” “NO! seth isnt my boyfriend anymore…!” “YM: u have a new boyfriend.. wow..” “Yeah.. its… Justin… remember… the one of primary school…. Justin Bieber…” “YM: Ahhh! yeah… i remember…. oohh so that was u on the cover of the magazine…. haha.. okay…. where are we going then..?”  “Umm dont really know… we are gonna pick u up… also Justin family is going… bring dad. ans Sara.. ” “YM: okay..see ya tomorrow.. ohh remember to buy the things for the party…” “Okay… bye mom.. love u..” “YM: Love u too..” u hang up… u knew something was gonna end wrong…  u go to Justin… “Okay… its arranged ..” “Justin: Cool…” “Jess: *yawn* im tired…” “Woww! its 1:30 am..” “Caitlin: i wanna sleep at Lauren’s bed!!!” she rush upstairs fast..”Lauren: wait is my bed!!!” she rush upstairs “Justin: lmfao… i want the big couch, ahaha” “Chaz: wow… that BIG and comfy couch just for u..?!” “Justin: haha no… Ann sleeps with me…” that sounded so wrong… [u thought that..] hahaha “Christian: Then… i want the other couch..” then u just heard lauren screamed “DAMMIT CAITLIN THATS MY BED!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!” “Hahaha lmfao..”  “Chaz: ahahah” “Ima go and see… so they dont kill each other….” u run upstairs…. and u see them fighting over the bed.. hahaha it was so funny… and u yelled “OMFG… THEY ARE LIKE 100 BED ON THIS HOUSE….!” and they throw a pillow at u. and u guys start a PILLOW FIGHT 😀 “THIS IS THE WAR!!!” hahaha u guys start fighting then then  the other girls join… ahah then the guys come and see “Chaz: wow.. sexy girls pillow fight.. this is heaven!!!” then u girls stop… and stare at them… “Girls… attack!” and u guys start attacking the boys ahahah its was so funny! hahaha .. then u guys got tired….  chaz ryan and christian stayed in the guest room… caitlin and lauren in lauren’s bed Payton in the other bed of lauren’s room… jennifer and jess in the other guest room, karis and Briar in the other guest room.. there was no more guest rooms XD so u and Justin stayed at the couch like always…when u ran downstair, when u finished explaining Lauren that it was okay sleeping in the couch, u see that Justin was ready… in the corner of the couch…. waiting for u… “Aww waiting for me?” “Justin: yup!” u lie next to him.. he puts his arm around u. and u put ur head in his chest… it was so warm… and u could feel that he was nervous…” Ur nervous.. i love it..” “Justin: why…?” “Cuz ur so perfect… that im afraid ur a dream but when u feel ur heart beating faster… i know ur real… and that makes me happy…” “Justin: aww..” he kiss ur forehead.. “Justin: i told u that around u im always nervous…” “So i am…” “Justin: haha..” then u soon… fall asleep… u where TIRED…. so was he… u guys fall asleep…. then u woke up.. by ur phone ringing… at 6 in the morning? wtf?!… it was a text… from a unknow number… u just got ur phone out of ur pocket… u tried not to wake Justin up.. it said “Hey Gorgeous… u know… u can cheat on Justin right?.. in preference with me 😉 no joke… i love u… i have always loved u… since we met… think about it? ;)…-Codes… 1-4-3 ” u thought “WTF?! who the fuck does he think he is?!” what will u answer… will Justin see the text? :O see on part 10

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- Part 8- Tears…

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[RECAP] justin was pretty good at it, but u where better, then when u guys are just having fun, u feel someone touchs ur shoulder “OMG!”[PART 8] “OMG” u couldn’t believe what was behind u “Chaz! Ryan!!” u run… well… skate to them and hug them… “Ryan: Ann!..” “Chaz: Ann!” “OMFG! WHAT U GUYS ARE U DOING HERE!!?? “Justin: haha I flew them here…” “OMFG JUSTIN!!! I LOVE U!!” u skate to him and kiss him… “Ryan: awww..” “Chaz: dude ur so lucky!..”  u giggle… “Christian: Chaz ?… Ryan? Omg..” “Chaz & Ryan: CHRIS DUDE!!!” they hug… then Chaz see’s Lauren… and he decides to help her… they liked each other… aww… then Ryan see’s Karis and goes to her…. Ahaha they where so cute… then u see that Christian feels excluded… u whisper to Justin “Justin.. be right back…” “Justin: okay”.. u go next to Christian “Christian: Heyy ann” “Hey chris… whats wrong..?” “Christian: nothing..” “U feel excluded..?” “Christian: kinda… Justin is dating u… Ryan likes Karis and Karis likes him and Chaz likes Lauren and Lauren LOVES him.. and me?” “Aww chris … I thought  u would date my sister..” ”Christian: Im too shy to ask her out..”  “Awww she likes u..” “Christian: Thanks Ann.. and also.. I wont see u in a week…” “Awww… we can go on webcam..” u see that he has tears in his eyes… he was crying… over u :/… u hug him.. “Chris… don’t cry… please… we will see again…” “Christian: but one week without u..?  I will die *cries*… I need u and ur joyness.. [spelling?] “ “Chris… u know ur like my little brother… its difficult for me too…” “Christian: then stay… and move the same as us…” “I can’t… I have Justin and… Usher…. The audition…. This wont show up again…” then u where about to start crying when Caitlin comes to u… “Caitlin: leave it to me Ann… don’t cry…” “Thanks…” u go to Justin and he see’s that ur eyes are wet…. And he hugs u… “Justin: it will be ok… u will see him..” “But what about the girls..?! im gonna miss them ass hell..!” u start crying… “Justin: it will be allright babe..” he kiss ur forehead. Then All the girls come to u… “Jess: lets go to the café..?” “Okay..” u all go to the café… u knew someone was following u guys… but u forget it… Karis was crying…. Ryan was Hugging her… Lauren was crying too. Chaz was hugging her.. Christian was crying… and Caitlin was huggin him… she was crying too… Payton, Briar, Jess,  and Jennifer where huggin… it was so sad… u where gonna miss them so much… then u guys get to the café… u guys just sit… and cry…. Everyone was comforting each other… “I need to go to the bathroom..” u went to the bathroom… and look at the mirror… lucky u that u where wearing waterproof makeup…. But ur eyes where so red… and u start talking to urself “I don’t wanna leave Karis, Jennifer, Jess, Lauren and Briar… [Payton was also moving…] “ then Payton and Caitlin come in the bathroom “ Caitlin: u okay?..” “I don’t wanna leave them…” “Payton: aww Ann.. u will have us… Christian, Justin, Ryan and Chaz.., and maybe they could stay in ur house, mine or Caitlin’s someday… we will do everything for be together.. and maybe someday they move too…” “Thanks” u hug them… from every of them… Payton Caitlin and Chris where the ones who understand u the most… when u guys where going back to the table… u see a flash… but there was no one… “Justin: Babe u okay..?” “Kind off…” u sit next to him… and put ur head in his shoulder… “I saw a flash… I think paparazzi are following us…” “Lauren: I cant believe that in 2 days u will go…” “Yeah.. where do we stay now..? I mean in what house..?” “Lauren: Mine..” “Ohh yeah…” “Lauren: haha don’t worry… Justin, Chaz and Ryan can stay… my house is big enough..” “Yeyy” “Chaz: wohoo!” “Ryan: great… thanks…” “Justin: -in a girl voice- oh my gosh… we are part of the crew! Ahh!” “Hhahahah!!” everyone laughs… “Ryan, Chaz, this Friday I have a goodbye party in my house… the whole school is going… u guys wanna join..?” “Ryan & Chaz: Sure… “ “Chaz: and… pfft there is no party without Chazilla Somers and Ryan Butler!” “Hahaha… I missed u guys..” u guys kept on talking… till u guys go to Lauren’s house…. “Im starving!!!! Lauren!!! Feed me!!!” “Lauren: Hahahah!… ummm lets eat pizza!” “Everyone: Sure!!!” so u sit in the couch… while u guys wait for the pizza… u take out ur phone and log on twitter… Justin comes and sit next to u.. he puts his arm around u… and he see’s what ur doing… u had a lot of followers… u follow some…  “Hey guys… today was a sad day :/ 2 days till I move.. me and my friends where crying..”  “Yey! Im gonna audition to @UsherRaymonVI  😉 EXCITED!” “Today I spend the whole mornig with @Justinbieber and his adorable sister, Jazmyn…” “Now staying at @Laurenxo house for the night…” then u see ur mentions… everyone was talking about the magazines.. and everything then u see Justin tweeted u “@ItsAnnCookie Aww she loved u ❤ Just like I love u ❤ cuz ur awesome <3” “@Justinbieber aww I love u more <3” then u see ur followers… and follow more people… and u see that Cody Simpson is following u…. haha [lets say… iYiYi is already out ok? And Cody is Famous.. even tho is December 2009] u remembered that u met Cody when ur parent traveled to Australia, Gold Coast, for vacations… u went with ur friends… he was pretty cool… u also gave him ur number…  then u tweet “Today I saw a magazine… I was in the cover of it… a picture of me and @Justinbieber kissing 😉” then u see that Cody tweeted u..  “@ItsAnnCookie Hey Gorgeous 😉 remember me?… is it true that ur not single anymore? 😥 </3” “@TheCodySimpson Heyy, yeah I remember u! haha, and LOL yes… im not single anymore, im dating the love of my life @Justinbieber <3” he tweets u “@ItsAnnCookie aww:’( rlly? I lost my chance..?” “@TheCodySimpson Hahaha LMFAO… u can date some of my friends ;)” “@tsAnnCookie do they look like u? if then.. YES <3” U  knew that Justin saw all that…. He was kinda jealous… he tweets “@TheCodySimspon Dude.. @ItsAnnCookie is mine… sorry… -.-“ and cody answers “@Justinbieber mmhmm kay  -.-..” [SORRY IF ITS BORING.. BUT IM RUNING OUT OF IDEAS…] then u see that fans tweet “@SimpsonBieber [random] @ItsAnnCookie UR A BITCH..! U HAVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND NOW U WANT CODY SIMPSON!! U BITCH!”  u reply her “@SimpsonBieber lets watch out language..? and NO… im dating the love of my life @Justinbieber … @TheCodySimpson is a FRIEND… gosh..” u log off…. U see that Justin got a grin on his face, and he kiss ur forehead… then.. THE PIZZA WAS HERE!!! WEE!! Then u guys finish eating pizza and decided to play wii… it was u, chaz, justin and ryan… u won hahah they where amazed that u are good in everything hahah… then it was turn for the others… hahah while they where plaing “Justin: Wow… how ur soo good..” “My sister showed me hahaa..” “Justin: ohh well… talking about ur sister…” “Yeah,…?” “Justin: well I showed u… my family.. not all my family but my mom and sister… soon when ima meet ur parents?” Tatata! [dramatic song] Justin wants to meet ur family! O.O u don’t know how is ur dad gonna react O.O TATATA!!! Or ur sister.. O.O what are u gonna say..? its seem he is taking this relationship serious 🙂

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story – Part 7- Paparazzi

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Paparazzi -.-

[RECAP] “This magazine.. im amazed… we are in the cover… they know EVERYTHING about us… “ u thought that maybe he could get ma cuz of paparazzi following him :/.. [PART 7] “Justin: What!!!?” “Yeah see it” he grabs the magazine… and had a surprised look… then a smile… maybe when he read what fans said he smiled…. “Justin: at least it isn’t a rumor… and aww fans love you..” “Haha yeah… so Paparazzi has been following us… that’s the flash i saw today at the park!” “Justin: Ohh well another cover of us…” “Hahaha… i never thought i would be on a magazine… im a STAR! hahah just kidding… at least is a good picture” “Justin: Hahah, yeah… ur gonna be in many covers when u get to be famous…” “Hahaha.” “Justin: i love u…” “I love u too..” so you guys start drinking the hot chocolate…. so Jazzy too… she was so cute…  then Justin’s phone rings… it was a text… [Justin P.O.V] thinkin: “Oh a text from Usher..: Justin.. i saw that ur dating Ann.. Congartz… u guys are all over all the magazines in town…, i wanted to tell u, that i saw the video of her singing… she is awesome… maybe she could come to me and we could get her signed to Island Def Jam, what do u think? lemme know ur answer….” thinking: “OMG!!! he said YES!!!! wohoo!!! i need to tell ann…” [Back to ur P.O.V] u where playing with Jazzy when Justin told u “Justin: Ann!! Usher said he wants to hear u!!! and maybe u can get Signed to Island Def Jam. he said u where awesome!!” “OMG!!! ARE U KIDDING ME?!” “Justin: No!! omg Ann ur dream is becoming reality..!!!” “Ahhh!!!!!” u carry Jazzy and spin her around while justin answered usher…. the text said “Usher.. thanks man.. ur making Ann’s dream become reality.. and yeah she is AWESOME.. when are u gonna hear her?.. cuz she is moving to Atlanta too.. the same day as me..” [Justin P.O.V] Thinking: answer usher answer!! answer!!!! awww look at Ann with Jazzy.. she is so beautiful..!!! ahh… wait something is vibrating… oh my phone shit!!!! IS FROM USHER!!! “Great.. then the 10 is ok? i can show u guys Atlanta… tell Ann i say Hi! Ohh and guys… dont be too noisy.. please…. good luck…” i text back “Thanks Thanks Thanks…” i just get up run to Ann and spin her around…[Back to ur P.O.V] “Haha Justin!” “Justin: he said yes!!!!” “OMG!!!!”  everyone was staring at u guys… “Justin: lets go outside haha” “Yeah” he pays the chocolate [which u guys already drank] and u guys go runing out of the cafe… “He said yes?!” “Justin: Yes!!! ur meeting him december 10, he is going to show us atlanta, he says ur awesome! he will love u! u will  get signed and u will cme with em to everywhere!!! ur dream is coming true!!” u where speechlest and u just hugged him with tears of Joy “Justin… i love u… how come u do this for me…?” “Justin: i didn’t did this… this time it was u… u and ur awesomeness…” “Justin!!! i love u!!!.” u hug him tight and he hugs u back… u saw paparazzi taking pics.. “Umm Justin.. paparazzi all around us… breathe XD” “Justin: ohh sorry.. *he lets go* oh lets get outta here haha..” Jazzy was grabbing ur shirt and paparazzi where everywhere taking pictures and asking questions one asked “so ur getting signed to Island Def Jam?” Justin just nodded.. and we finally where out of the crowd of paparazzi… we went to Justin’s house to leave Jazzy… she didn’t cried this time… and then u guys meet the girls, when u saw them, u just jumped on them.. u had tears of Joy.. “Caitlin: wow .. what happpened?..” “USHER SAID THAT I CAN SING TO HIM AND IMA GET SIGNED!!!AHH!!!” everyones screams and hugs u “Breathe!” “Everyone: sorry!” “Jess: ur gonna be famous!!!” “AHH!!!” “Payton: dont forget us!” “i would never do that!!…” so u guys just kept talking about this… “Justin: Lets go ice skating?” “Sure”  everyone agrees “Justin: i got a surprise for u over there Ann.. when u get there… u guys where ice-skating, u where the best on that, hah u needed to help Lauren and Briar cuz the didn’t know how to ice-skate, jsutin was pretty good at it, but u where better, then when u guys are just having fun, u feel someone touchs ur shoulder “OMG!” who are they? see on part 8 :)! [this part is called paparazzi cuz well… u guys didn’t knew that while u guys where having fun… paparazzi where following u guys and taking pics…]

Urs and Justin Bieber Love Story- Part 6- TinyChat

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This is thinychat ^

“Justin: Ann… lets leave it there…. We both misunderstood…” “I love u..” “Justin: love u too…” u guys kiss awww ;).. [PART 6] so u guys go to Jess house… everyone is on there… “Everyone: Ann!” everyone hugs u… even Justin lol… “Breathe!” everyone laughs.. “Christian: U guys ok?”  “Yeah… it was an undermistood…”  “Jess: u scared me…” “Karis: u scared us all.” “Im sorry..” “Caitlin: umm u will need to pay this… “ “Lol.. how…?” “Lauren: u will see…” “Ok then..” and u just remembered that u didn’t knew if Justin could stay on Jess’s house… “Ohh Jess… can Justin stay for the night…?” “Jess: sure… he is already part of the crew “ “Justin: aww really? hahah” “everyone: yeah!” “Christian: finally -.- I was the only guys on crew..” everyone laughs.. “Payton: soo… we where thinking about doing a tinychat… what do u guys think?” “Justin & u: sure…” u always bring ur laptop in ur bag, hahah u never knew where u would stay hahahaha, everyone had their laptop with them too… except Justin… so he was gonna be on the webcam with you.. “Lemme log on facebook first..” “Everyone: same here!” u sit on the couch.. Justin sit next to u.. he was on facebook by his Iphone.. so u log on facebook with ur laptop… u got like 100 notifications… “Holy Crap!..” “Justin: haha same here..” everyoneof them said “…. Commented on ur relationship status..” “….. commented on ur profile picture…” and more haha… every comment said “OMG U AND JUSTIN BIEBER !!! CONGRATULATIONS!” and more… so u comment “Thanks for the love 😀 hahaxxx” and the comments of the picture were “Awwww” and u commented “Awwww hahha” and u had friendship request.. from UNKNOW people.. u ignored them.. except one.. that was from the girl called Sam…  u knew her so u added her… then in ur inbox u had like 5 more… they where from Justin, Christian, Ryan, Chaz and ur convo… “Ryan: OMG.. they are dating o.o.. congratz haha, Justin dude ur lucky…” “Chaz: DUDE!!! How come u didn’t tell us..” “Ryan: Hey chaz.. didn’t Justin had a friends called Ann when he was on primary school?? Well didn’t WE had a friend called as that..” then u remembered… Ryan Butler and Chaz Somer O.O u have totally forgot them!!! They where ur best friends!!! “OMG! JUSTIN! ARE THEY… lil Ry and fool Chaz?” “Justin: Ohh yeah u know them.. I forgot.. and hahah yeah….” “OMG!” then  check u keep reading ur inbox “Chaz: OMG.. DUDE!! Yes we did… but.. it can’t be her… our Ann..?! Baby Ann…? The one who liked to play with us on everything? [when u where little u weren’t girly.. AT ALL… u where like one of the guys..] it can’t be… she is too sexy!… “Umm I can still read this… -.-!! and yes im O.O I just remembered u guys O.O and.. Chaz! Don’t call me like that.. :/ Fool Chaz! Hahaha, Chazilla 😉 I always thought it was a funny name… and LIL RY… :D!!!”  “Ryan: OMG :O! IS HER!!!” “Chaz: SHIT! IT IS HER!!! :D!!!” Baby Ann?” “Yes? Lol” “Christian: Heyy.. Justin… invite Ryan And Chaz to the tinychat..” “Justin: sure… but haha Ann is having fun with them..” “Hahaha” Lauren started the tinychat… then u guys get on… but first u inbox chaz and ryan “Chaz… Ryan.. enter here [the link] or ima kill u guys >:O! hahah, btw, let fans in…. it doesn’t matter…” so they  enter…. But u tweet “Everyone join this 😀 {link} We will have a surprise…” soon u guys had like 300 guests… and it increased when justin tweeted it… so u guys start broadcasting.. everyone.. Caitlin…. Christian…. Chaz…Ryan..Lauren…Jennifer..Karis…Briar..Jess…Payton…u and Justin… [the next will be a convo between everyone… sorry if its boring… -.- but… haha Im running out of ideas.. and u guys are addicted to this.. my ideas usually comes from my dreams… so yeah… it might be boring.. love you :D] “You: OMG.. CHAZ! RYAN!!!” “Ryan and Chaz: ANN?! That’s u?! WOW!..” Justin was next to u “Justin: don’t “WOW” my girlfriend hahaha, hey guys…” “Ryan: Hahah Hey bro…!” “Chaz: LMFAO… I can “WOW” whoever I want…im Chazilla Somers… the sexy beast!… hha Hey bro!…” “Karis: Lmfao..  Chazilla Somer the Sexy Beast?… haha” “Ryan: Ann u got some pretty hot friends…” “You: Hahah… Chaz…. Ryan… they are Jennifer, Jess, Karis, Briar, Lauren, and how u know Caitlin and Payton.. girls… Chaz and Ryan..” “Girl: Hey boys… *winks..* “Ryan: dude.. this is heaven…” “Chaz: totally” “You: Hahah…” so u guys kept on talking and answering some fans question… “Payton: well..” “Jess: Ann.. its time to pay…” “Dammit…” “Lauren: u will sing any song to the 1,000+ guest we have…” “WHAT?!!! NOOO!” everyone starts saying “Ann, Ann.. !” even Justin… “Urgh…. Dammit…. Umm ima sing.. Not me Not I by Delta Goodrem then..” “Everyone: okay..” so u sing it… u sing pretty well.. so u finish singing… everyone was amazed.. everyone had the mouths wide open… even Justin.. “Justin: WOW… That was… amazing..” “Christian: wow…” everyone agrees… they start complimenting you…”Thanks :/” “Justin: out plan for u to get signed will be easier haha… everyone would kill to sign u..” “Hhahah..” so u guys kept on doing random things… it was 11 pm… “Okay everyone…. Time to sleep… maybe we will do another one tomorrow… Bye…” everyone log off.. “Caitlin: That was fun..” “You: im tired… ima go and get on my PJ..” everyone changes to their PJ… so u went downstair… Justin was gonna sleep on the couch… with was pretty comfy and big, Christian in the other. And the girls in the guests room and or Jess room.. so u went downstairs.. Justin was already ready to sleep, he was laying down in the couch… watching something on his phone… how I said…. The couch was BIG… and there was a space…. He was almost on the corner of the couch… he seems like he was leaving space for u ahaha, so u lie next to him.. “Justin: Hey babe *kiss ur forhead*” “Heyy… where u waiting for me..?” “Justin: yup… ;)” “Aww…” u see what he was watching on his phone.. it was the pic where u were kissing him.. “Aww…” then u took another pic of u guys… it was so cute… then u yawn.. “Im tired… “ “Justin: get some sleep babe…” “Goodnight babe..” “Justin: Goodnight babe… have sweet dreams my shawty..” he kiss ur lips… then u  put ur head in his chest.. and he put his arm around u… and u fall asleep.. [Justin P.OV] thinking : “aww she is so sweet while she sleeps… aww… I love her so much… I think she is the one… ;)” then Jess was coming downstairs “Jess: Ann we a..” “Shh she is sleeping..” “Jess: awww… okay then… goodnight..” she goes away.. Christian was already sleeping on the couch… then  u got a text from ryan… it said… “Dude… ur so lucky to have Ann… don’t hurt her… or all her hot friends will kill u xD” “Thanks…. Haha I know… hha” “Dude… I like Karis.. she is A.W.E.S.O.M.E … Chaz likes Lauren…” “ohh cool! But that “Awesome sounded gay XD” “I know right! Hahaha, what u doing?” “Umm im laying in the couch, Ann is sleeping NEXT to me 😉 haha “ “Dude! Ur so lucky!!!ahaha…” “Lmfao… ohh yeah this 9 im moving to Marietta Georgia… [lets say they live there] so Ann is moving there too 😉 also Caitlin and Christian are moving next week, Ann and I are moving the same day.. ttyl… im tired…” “Ohh cool! Okay ttyl.. Gnite..” “Gnite..” so u (Justin) fall asleep… [Back to ur P.O.V. NEXT MORNING]  u wake up, its already 12 Pm… everyone was sleeping… Christian was so cute when he was sleeping…. U felt so warm… even tho it was freezing! And u felt warm cuz… well Justin was next to you… he had his head on urs… so u tried to move… at all… Justin was so cute when he was sleeping too… he seems so tired… u just remembered that Justin told u that today u guys where gonna spend the day with Jazzy.. and doings things with her… cuz since u left her she has been crying so her mom begged him to let Jazmyn meet u again… ur supposed to spend time with ur friends… but… ur gonna spend all the morning with Justin and then the whole afternoon with them Justin and Jazzy… 😉 u had a text…  from facebook.. it said u had a new inbox… so u logged in from ur phone.. it was from Sam.. “Ur moving? :/ dammit…  u where my only friend from school :/ I guess we aren’t going to JB concert anymore… and crongratz from dating Justin ;)” “Aww 😦 yes… im moving to Marietta Georgia… this Friday… and thanks… and don’t worry… ima come for his concert tho 😉 ima go all the places with him… well I think so… cuz he is trying to get me a record deal….” “Sam: oh that’s awesome!… u would get it…. Ur a great singer…I have heard u in school singing plus yesterday on tinychat..” “Aww thanks….! ❤ ttyl…. Justin is sleeping next to me… I don’t want to wake him up…” “Sam: Bye ;)” “Justin: I already woke up hahaha” “Oh him sorry… :/” “Justin: Its okay… ready for spending the day with me and Jazzy?” “I born ready! “ “Justin: Hahah… have I told u that I love u?” “Umm yes but saying it over and over again wont harm anyone ;)” “Justin: great… cuz I Love u…” “I love u too..” he gets closer and kiss ur lips.. then his phone rings.. “Justin: dammit… im starting to think I should turn off my phone when im with u..” “Haah answer..” u didn’t pay attention to who he was talking… u where thinking of how much u love him… and then u feel something… something beating… and FAST… u thought that maybe was ur phone… but no… u wondered what was it… and then u realize… it was Justin’s heart… it was beating so FAST… just like urs… he was nervous…. That made u blush 😉 and u think “Aww I make him nervous?.. but why?.. im just a normal girl… and look at him… he Is perfect…” and then he ended the phone call and looks at u…  u where still blushing tho.. “Justin: what ur blushing at?” “Ohh nothing…” u thought that maybe he could buy that.. but nah.. -.-… and he gets closer… “Justin: tell me?” he does his Bieber smile… and he put his hand on ur chin… that made u melt… but then u feel that hi heart is beating faster O.O so is urs… “Umm well… I was thinking… did u know u dazzle people?” “Justin: what? Haha” “Yeah.. I mean… if I stare at ur eyes…. Or u make that smile… u dazzle me… and then… I felt ur heart was beating faster… that means ur nervous…. But why around me..? im a normal girl… and ur… perfect..” “Justin: well that’s something new for me to know … if I do my smile does it makes u feel.. umm uncomfortable?… or what..? and ur not normal… *he makes u look at his eyes* u make my heart beat fast… cuz im nervous around u… nervous that make I could screw it up… nervous thinking of how I found some1 like you…. Nervous thinking that… I can’t live without u… and also nervous that I could say something stupid,…” u couldn’t believe it… he felt the same way as u! “Umm not uncomfortable… just… I kinda get lost in ur eyes and smile… but that’s ok… so I feel the same way around u..” and then he just stares at ur eyes… u wanted to break this silence lol “Soo who was it?” “Justin: Mom… she says Jazzy is driving her crazy… she is crying cuz she wants to see u…. haha what u did to my sister… “ “Ohh hahah, well everyone loves me ;)” “Justin: Haha that’s true, now go get ready… My mom is gonna get crazy…” “Ok ;)” u go upstairs.. everyone is asleep.. u decide to write a note.. “ Dear girls…. And Chris.. xD… I went to the park with Justin and Jazzy… Jazzy haven’t stop crying for me… so we are gonna spend the morning with her… see u guys in the afternoon at the mall 😉 Bye… xxx” so u go and get ready.. . [lets say.. it was snowing kay?.. haha :P] so u put some skinny jeans, a shirt, boots, u thought about wearing a jacket or something cuz it was FREEZING but anyways… u can do that downstairs.. cuz over there are the jackets and everything XD so u went downstairs.. and there was Justin.. ready.. he was like with jeans, shit, converse, and a jacket….”Justin: Aww u look cute… haha “ “haha thanks, u look cute too…” “Justin: ready..?!” “Yup.. just lemme put my jacket and scarf” “Justin: Kay ;)” “Now that I think… I will see ur house! ;D…” “Justin: lmfao… not a big deal… XD my house in Atlanta will be a Big Deal tho :/” “Hahaha, lets go…” so u guys to Justin house to get Jazzy, when she saw u entering the house she jumped to u “Jazzy: Ann!!!” u carry her “Aww Jazzy….” “Jazzy: I missed u!” “Aww hahah” she kiss ur cheek.. “Pattie: Thanks ann.. she was driving me crazy…” “Hahha no problem…” “Justin: well lets go..” u guys go to the park… u just played with Justin and Jazzy, in the swings, slides… everything haha, u also saw some flashes.. when u where kissing Justin… People where taking pics..? WTF? xD well it was Justin Bieber…. “Justin: Lets go to the café and lets dirnk some hot chocolate..” “right ;)” so u guys go… u where carrying Jazzy, and Justin had his arm around ur waist.. it was too perfect… so u guys are at the Café… Justin was ordering the hot chocolates… Jazzy and u where in the tables waiting… when u see Jazzy got a magazine.. well she grabbed it XD “Jazzy: Ann.. u famous?… u agre {are} in tha maganine {Magazine} .” “What?..” u grab the magazine and it was true O.O.. there was a picture of u and Justin in the cover of the magazine O.O.. it said “Justin and His New Girl..?! wanna know more about it?” u read it.. it said “It seems like the teen heartthrob, Justi Bieber got a new Girlfriend… and he LOVES her… her name is Ann Samuals… she and Justin have bee friends since primary school… it seems like they had feelings for each other since Long time ago… Justin asked her out… but she said she would think about it… cuz of Fans,hate,tour,moving… apparently this Tueday she said yes… and Justin was trying to figure out if he should say it to fans… he tweeted “Imagine if I got a girlfriend.. will u guys hate her?” the answer where “Yes” and “No..” then after doing some strange question he said “I hope u guys are being Honest “ “Cuz me and @ItsAnnCookie (her girlfriend twitter) are officially dating ;)!” we thought it was a rumor… till we saw them… on the mall, movie theatre, and more places together.. Kissing, hugging and everything. We also know that Justin Bieber stayed at Caitlin Beadles house for a sleepover where Ann was invited to… Justin stay for the night… and Ann in the same house, strange eh..?! Haha don’t worry guys… they didn’t do nothing… they are taking it easy.. that’s we think… we have also see that they spend A LOT time together… also Justin is trying to get her a record deal… he says she is a great singer… we also know that Justin is moving this December 9.. so is also Ann… they are moving to the same place… they are going in the same Plane.. lovely ;).. we interviewed some fans… and the answer we got.. is not how we thought fans would react of Ann and Justin dating… for our surprise.. they are happy for them! “(F = fan… I= interviewer) I: [this is random !] do u hate Ann for dating Justin? F: No.. she seems to be an awesome girl.. really.. I love her.. and im happy for them.. they are such a cute couple..” “I: are u happy for Ann and Justin? F: Yeah… they have been friends for long time ago.. so its okay that they are dating… and well they are cute” (and more shit like that lol) well they are happy that’s good! If we can give our opinion Ann and Justin make a great couple… we have been following them… and they are pretty cute… they love each other… its awesome… but not everything is perfect.. when we where following them… Justin had a meeting with Jasmine Villegas, and when Ann went to get some coffe for his boyfriend… Jasmine Villegas went to him and KISSED HIM…! Justin pushed her… and she bumped into some1 and she had MILK-SHAKE all over her… she said “JUSTIN BIEBER UR A DICKHEAD!” and then some fan went to him and spilt 2 LATTES on her.. we have pictures on here… then we think Ann saw that she kissed him so there is no problem.. this coupe is totally in love and with no problem.. but we will keep ours eyes on them ;)” u thought of how the fuck they got all that information.. at least it wasn’t rumors…they told the truth.. and u where amazed that fans loved u 😉 then justin came with the chocolates.. he sit down… “Justin: what are u reading babe?” “This magazine.. im amazed… we are in the cover… they know EVERYTHING about us… “ u thought that maybe he could get ma cuz of paparazzi following him :/.. what would happen..? what is he gonna say?! How is he gonna react? See on part 7!

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